Vesper Cortex H1P Wireless Handset

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Vesper Cortex H1P Wireless Handset

The H1 wireless handset pairs with Vesper’s M1 Hub and is the voice and calling interface used for VHF and DSC calls. With a touchscreen display along with dedicated buttons and a click wheel the H1 is simple to operate even with wet hands or gloves!
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The Cortex H1P Wireless Handset is a Rechargeable, portable battery powered handset powerhouse of functionality and ruggedness. Built with an optically bonded wide-angled, sunlight viewable 4” gorilla glass display, the H1 handset is the primary interface device between you and the Cortex M1 hub and is built for harsh marine environments for use in wet conditions and with gloves. Dedicated buttons and a click wheel for easy single-handed operation make the H1 easier than ever to operate.

Initiate digital calling (DSC) between you and other vessels by simply tapping the screen on the handset while also utilizing a simplified push to talk feature to quickly hail another vessel and send distress functions that can transmit a MAYDAY signal including vessel identification, lat/lon and time in case of emergency. Built with an 85dBA internal speaker, the Cortex H1 handset offers superior crystal-clear sound, assuring you will hear and be heard in any situation.

Connect up to 10 H1P Handsets to the Cortex M1 hub allowing you to have situational awareness anywhere on board. Supplied with a H1P Charging Cradle and non-powered H1 cradle.for secure mounting in a secondary position makes it easier than ever to mount the H1P where you will have easy access to monitor anchor drags, see potential collisions, or radio another vessel.

Vesper Cortex H1P Wireless Handset Box Contents
Each Vesper Cortex H1 Tethered Handset Comes with:
  • Vesper Cortex H1P WirelessHandset
  • H1P Charging Cradle
  • Non-Powered H1 Cradle
  • Two Year Warranty
Vesper H1P Wireless Handheld Installation Manual- Click Here