Poly-Planar MB-21 2" Black Waterproof VHF Speaker

Poly-Planar MB-21 2" Black Waterproof VHF Speaker

The Poly-Planar MB21 Waterproof VHF Speaker is perfect for any open or express boat where noise is a concern. This 2" speaker provides clear sound from your fixed mount vhf.
PP21B   MAN#: MB-21B   ID#: 3112
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The MB-21 simply plugs or wires into your existing VHF radio and provides loud, clear sound so you can hear while moving around the boat or while the boat is in transit. 8-Watts power and comes with stainless steel bracket and grill. 
Color: Black

Poly-Planar Audio Equipment is backed with a Two-Year Warranty, which is what you would expect from a leader in the marine industry that has been in business for over 48 years.


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