Fujinon Mariner 7x50WP-XL Binoculars

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Fujinon Mariner 7x50WP-XL Binoculars

The Fujinon Mariner 7x50WP-XL Binoculars binoculars that are durable and lightweight. Designed with waterproof seals and they float when used with the flotation strap provided.

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Light Weight, High Quality Fujinon 7x50 Binocular!

The Fujinon mariner series 7x50 binoculars are a high performance, cost effective “extra set of eyes” perfect for marine use, bird watching, or just for fun. Built durable yet lightweight design, weighing in at just 1.8lbs., these binoculars offer a waterproof design with waterproof O-Ring seals to ensure full functionality in any weather condition. Rain or shine, the Fujinon Mariner series is the perfect visual solution.

Every pair of Fujinon mariner series 7x50 binoculars offer multi-coated optic lenses that ensure maximum light transmission as well as offering extra-long eye relief for those users wearing eyeglasses ensuring that your view is always the clearest. Easy focus features allow you to quickly adjust the clarity settings so seeing close range or further distances can be quickly accomplished by a few turns of the viewing lens. A 7x magnification zoom level brings your field of view closer than ever and offers a broad field of view range of 351 ft. at 1000 yards.

Included with your mariner series binoculars is a one-piece rubber cap that will protect your lenses when the binoculars are not in use, however, can be easily removed when you need to view something quickly. Also included is a padded floating neckstrap that can be easily attached to your binoculars for when you need to keep them close to you and ready to go in a hurry. For excellent views far and near, the Fujinon Mariner Series 7x50 Binoculars are a perfect entry level option that won’t break the bank.

Fujinon Mariner 7x50WP-XL Binoculars Details
Each set of Mariner 7x50WP-XL Binoculars come with: Mariner 7x50WP-XL, Rain Guards, Objective Covers, Flotation Strap, and a 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Condition: Brand New
Weight: 1.8 Lbs.