Spot Trace GPS Tracking Device  

Spot Trace GPS Tracking Device

The Spot Trace GPS Tracking Device offers affordable anti-theft protection for all of your gear. Using 100% satellite technology you can receive email or text when your assets move, even outside of cellular coverage.
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Works Virtually Anywhere Beyond the Range of Cell Phones


Track Anything, anywhere at any time! With Spot Trace you can do just that. Based 100% off Satellite technology the SPOT Trace will track your valuables worldwide and keep you apprised when they are on the move.

Once Activated, (Service plan required and Sold Seperately) the SPOT Trace acquires exact GPS coordinates and sends the Trace's location to communication satellites which relays the message to your phone or computer for tracking via Google Maps. Customization allows you to receive tracking updates as often as every 2 1/2 minutes so you will always know where your valuables are.

Easy to Operate, and a long battery life along with multiple mounting options, the Trace is designed to track any valuable big or small. Plus the ability to connect to an external power source makes certain you can track uninterrupted. Spot trace offers many features besides just tracking. Receive movement alerts, Dock Mode, Power Off Message, Low Battery Message and Status Message.

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SPOT Trace Details
Each SPOT Trace comes with:SPOT Trace device,(4) AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries, Power cable with USB connection, Reversible mounting bracket, Industrial strength double-sided tape, Adhesive Grip Pad, Adhesive hook and loop tape and a One-Year Warranty.
Size:2.02"W x 2.69"H x .95"D
Weight:3.1 Oz.
Spot Trace Special Features
  • Track Valuables Worldwide
  • Waterproof to IPX7 Standards
  • Small in Size and Weight
  • Tracking updates as often as every 2 1/2 Minutes
  • Easy to Operate with long battery life
SPOT Trace Coverage Map


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