Furuno NavPilot 300PG with 1.6L Pump Bundle

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Furuno NavPilot 300PG with 1.6L Pump Bundle

The Furuno NavPilot 300 with PG700 and 1.6L Autopilot Pump Bundle features the standard Furuno Navpilot 300 with PG700 and a 1.6L Furuno Octopus Pump. Made for Outboard boats with Twin Steering Cylinders.
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Furuno Autopilot with Gesture Control and Bluetooth!

The Furuno NavPilot 300PG with Fantum Feedback is an autopilot system for planing and semi-displacement outboard vessels between 24ft and 50ft in length. Built for simplified installation, the NavPilot 300 no longer requires the use of a physical rudder feedback unit thanks to the included PG700 Heading Sensor. The Fantum Feedback system which achieves precise control of the vessel, from trolling speeds to high speed cruising, utilizes a newly developed gain process rather than using a traditional rudder angled system. A 4.1” color display that can be adjusted to day or night mode, is easy to install and offers a variety of user friendly menus and information in digital or analog modes.

Call for Help with Marine ElectronicsIncluded with the NavPilot 300PG is the highly accurate Furuno PG700 Heading Sensor. By using the PG700, the NavPilot300 can get accurate heading readings while underway. The NavPilot then uses that data to turn the engines and stay on course. The NavPilot 300 and PG700 are connected through NMEA 2000 and extra NMEA 2k parts may be required for install.

Focus on fishing, not steering. That’s a good motto to live by when you add the Navpilot 300/PG system to your vessel. The built-in Sabiki Mode allows the autopilot to take control while you are drifiting astern and is only available on outboard engine vessels. While the Sabiki Mode is engaged, your direction can be kept by simply adjusting the throttle and is made to be used particularly when jigging, bottom fishing, or Sabiki fishing. Other easily accessible modes are Highway, Auto, Advanced, and Fish Hunter mode.

Built with Gesture Control, this Furuno NavPilot has a simplified push, point, and shoot functionality. A unique way to steer your boat, a Bluetooth signal is sent from the control device anywhere on the vessel, within 10 meters of the NavPilot system, allowing you to change directions quickly and simultaneously. Once you push, hold the button and move the controller in the direction you want to move in, simply release the button and the boat is redirected. Now you can literally point at what you want to drive towards.

  • PUMPOCT16-12 - 12 VDC and 1.6 Cubic Inches per second. Designed for steering ram sizes from 12-23 Cubic Inches in total volume.
Furuno NavPilot 300PG Pump Bundle Box Contents
Each Navpilot 300PG Pump Bundle Comes with:
  • FAP-3012 Processor Unit
  • FAP-3011 Control Unit with Gray Cover
  • GC-001 Gesture Controller
  • PG700 Sensor Kit
  • Octopus Autopilot Pump
  • Documentation
  • 2-Year Warranty
Furuno NavPilot 300PG
  • Bluetooth Gesture Control Technology Built-in
  • Self-Learning Adaptive Software
  • Controllable from TZtouch, TZtouch2, GP1871F and GP1971F
  • Multiple Navigation and Fish Hunter Modes
  • Compatible with Second Autopilot Station
  • Display Size: 4.5" W x 4.5" H
Furuno NavPilot 300 with PG700 Manual - Click Here