Furuno DRS2D-NXT 19” 25W Solid State Radar

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Furuno DRS2D-NXT 19” 25W Solid State Radar

Furuno’s DRS2D-NXT (Next Generation) Radar combines a Solid-State Radar with Target Analyzer and Fast Target Tracking utilizing Doppler technology. The DRS2D-NXT consists of a compact, 19” radome and provides a 5.2-degree beam width with 48nm range.
10M Cable Included. Additional Length Options Available. 
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19-Inch Doppler Radar with Fast Target Tracking

The DRS2DNXT encompasses all of the advanced solid-state Doppler features that makes NXT radars a must have in a compact design. The DRS2DNXT Radar is compatible with all generations of NavNet TZtouch systems and is perfect for a smaller vessel or even as a backup radar with the same features as their larger NXT radars.

The NXT radar is a solid-state radar with pulse compression, Target Analyzer and fast target tracking utilizing Doppler technology. The exclusive Target analyzer function shows targets that are approaching your vessel and will automatically change the color of these targets for better situational awareness. Green Targets are either stationary or moving away from the vessel, while the red targets are moving towards your vessel. With Target Analyzer the echoes dynamically change colors as targets approach or get farther away increasing safety.

The DRS2DNXT provides fast target tracking with accurate tracking information. The DRS2DNXT provides estimates of other vessel’s course and speed. Any vessel approaching yours will automatically display as a target with the Doppler technology and if you desire, you may have an alarm sound as these targets approach your vessel. The DRS2DNXT radar uses Furuno’s exclusive RezBoost technology. With the RezBoost feature set to MAX, the sharpness of a 2-degree beam width can be achieved.

If tracking birds is part of your fishing strategy, the DRS2DNXT’s dedicated bird mode will automatically adjust helping you locate birds allowing you to zero in on fish! This radar packs the performance of larger radars in a more compact design making this radar a great choice.

Furuno DRS2D-NXT 19” 25W Solid State Radar Box Contents

Each Furuno DRS2D-NXT 19” 25W Solid State Radar Comes with:
  • DRS2D-NXT Radome
  • 10M Signal/Power Cable
  • 2-Year Warranty

Furuno DRS2D-NXT 19” 25W Solid State Radar Key Features

  • Solid-State Radar with Pulse Compression
  • Target Analyzer Function
  • Fast Target Tracking
  • RezBoost Beam Sharpening
  • 5.2-Degree Beam Width
  • Compact 19” Dome with 25W Output Power
Furuno DRS2D-NXT Installation Manual Click Here

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