Fusion RA60 Marine Stereo

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Fusion RA60 Marine Stereo

Are you in the market for a compact and affordable marine stereo with improved power and sound? The RA-60 from Fusion is a top contender. Small in size and water ratings of IPX6 and IPX7 this AM/FM and Bluetooth enabled stereo is a top choice for quality sound without all the bells and whistles found in higher priced stereos!
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AM/FM and Bluetooth enabled Marine Stereo!

The Fusion MS-RA60 is one of the world’s most economical marine stereo’s on the market. This Fusion sports state of the art, modern aesthetics, Multi-Zone technology with 2 zones and improved connectivity options, all in a super compact housing.

The RA60 was designed to offer quality audio entertainment in the harsh marine environment with an anti-fogging, 2.3” LCD that is integrated into the IPX6 and IPX7 water resistant face. The Bonded monochrome LCD is perimeter bonded so that it has enhanced durability protocols to protect against condensation and fogging which are factors of the harsh marine environment.

The Fusion RA60 offers a Class-D Amplifier with increased power while drawing less current than a standard Class-AB amplifier. The amplifier design delivers increased efficiency and power output, letting you enjoy your music at higher volumes for longer periods of time.

You are able to use up to two independent audio zones for a customized listening experience around your boat with advanced localized audio options, including volume limits, zone naming, tone control, balance and more.

The MS-RA60 was designed to fit in the same cutout as the MS-RA55, which eliminates the need to change your altering the existing hole if you choose to upgrade.

The Fusion MS-RA60 is a great choice for boaters looking for an economical stereo with Bluetooth connectivity.

Fusion RA60 Box Contents

Each Fusion RA60 Comes with:
  • Fusion MS-RA60 Marine Stereo
  • Mounting Gasket
  • 4 – 6-Gauge self-tapping screws
  • 2 – Screw Covers
  • Power and Speaker Wiring Harness
  • Auxiliary-in, line-out, subwoofer-out wiring harness
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty

Fusion RA60 Key Features

  • 180 Watt Peak Power
  • Built-In Class D Amplifier
  • Monochromatic LCD Display
  • Software Updates via Bluetooth
  • Up to 2 Independent Audio Zones
  • Size: 6.18"W x 2.68"H x 4.06“D

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