Garmin GC 14 Marine Camera

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Garmin GC 14 Marine Camera

Garmin’s GC 14 provides an extra set of eyes aboard your vessel! This compact and discreet analog camera provides visibility in low light situations up to 15 meters and can be viewed via onboard TVs, video monitors or compatible chartplotters that support video input. The GC 14 provides black and white images only.
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Compact and Discreet Marine Camera

The Garmin GC 14 Marine Camera is the perfect solution for an extra set of eyes around your vessel. A small design makes the GC 14 perfect for virtually anywhere on board, above or below deck, and delivers excellent quality images, even in low lit areas, up to 15 meters which is an upgrade over previous analog cameras, which is perfect for engine rooms.

Keep a watchful eye on what’s going on around your vessel from virtually anywhere. The GC 14 marine camera can connect to onboard TVs, video monitors, or compatible chartplotters that support video inputs to display quality black and white images. When connected to a compatible chartplotter, you have the ability to rotate images 90/180/270 degrees so you can mount the GC 14 in any orientation. Reverse image settings can be accomplished through compatible chartplotters as well to assist with backing out of tight locations such as crowded marinas.

Garmin GC 14 Box Contents

Each Garmin GC 14 Comes with:
  • Garmin GC 14 Camera with Integrated Power and Video Cables (4.5")
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty

Garmin GC 14 Key Features

  • Small, Discreet Marine Camera
  • Reverse Image Setting on Compatible Chartplotters
  • Low Light Visibility up to 15 Meters (45’)
  • Easy to Install
  • Rugged, Weatherproof and IPX7 Water Rating
Garmin GC14 Manual Click Here