Garmin Descent Mk3i Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band 51mm

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Garmin Descent Mk3i Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band 51mm

The Descent Mk3i dive computer and GPS smartwatch features a large, 51mm display with built-in LED flashlight. Prepare to make the most of your diving experience with multiple dive modes, a long-lasting battery and support for the Garmin Descent T2 Transceiver for integrated air monitoring, sold separately.
Color: Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band, Size: 51mm
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Sophisticated Dive Computer with Air Monitoring Support and LED Flashlight

Dive Deeper and stay on the go longer with Garmin's Mk3i Descent. A do everything, multi-purpose watch! A built in Dive computer with Multi-Band GPS/SatIq Technology and DiveView Color maps showing bathymetric depth contours and more than 4,000 dive sites, the Mk3i is housed in a stylish fiber reinforced case with Stainless Steel Bezel and sunlight readable 454x454 AMOLED 1.4” display. Providing up to 30 hours in dive mode and 10 days in smartwatch mode the Mk3 offers a longer battery life than its predecessors.

Enhanced features

Built into every Mk3i are enhanced features that provide even more detail to your dive! Pair with the optional T2 transceiver (Sold Separately) and receive integrated pressure monitoring on up to 8 tanks via the SubWave Sonar data network. Plus, with an upcoming software update and Subwave Sonar technology you will have the ability to exchange preset diver to diver messages up to 30M as well as monitor tank pressure, depth and distance for up to 8 divers within a range of 10 meters for group dive support! The Descent, 51MM watch includes a convenient LED Flashlight with variable intensities and strobe modes providing greater visibility both above and below the water.

Dive Features

With a Dive Water rating of 200 meters, your Mk3 will automatically sync with the Garmin Dive App on your compatible smartphone and store and review data for your dives and share with friends. Multiple dive modes provides specific modes for single gas dives and also multiple gas like nitrox and trimix (up to 100%) as well as gauge, apnea and apnea hunt, along with closed-circuit rebreather which is extremely important for monitoring Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels. Monitoring heart rate is just important as tracking breathing levels and the wrist based Optical HR technology does this without having to add a Heart rate strap. New to the Mk3 series is the Dive Readiness tool which shows how your everyday lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, stress and even jet lag can affect your body and its diving performance. Keep up with all of your spots that you enter the water and come out of with the surface GPS for Surface navigating only, as GPS tracking only works above water. Log your current dives and seek out new places- hundreds of Worldwide diving spots to choose from by downloading Garmin’s free Dive App to a Smartphone or Tablet. Get even more detail with the Dive App and when paired with your Descent Watch the Dives will upload automatically, in precise detail. Analyze this data showing information such as dive time, maximum depth, and even specific dive activity along with entry and exit points with every dive you make.

Multisport Fitness Features

When you’re back on land enjoy access to many other fitness activities like cycling, outdoor golfing, training, and tactical, activities. The Mk3 also offers Surfing features built in! Going head for a run? Pacepro is a one-of-kind feature that displays how the grade adjusts to the course you’re on which is perfect for a long mountain runs. When skiing the slopes you’ll have a list of 2000 Worldwide Ski resorts that includes run names and the difficulty rating right at your fingertips. Garmin’s Pulse OX Sensor let you see how you get acclimated in higher altitudes and while you sleep to monitor the level of Oxygen being absorb by your body. The rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for up to 16 days on Smartwatch mode, so you won’t need to be charging constantly. If staying closer to Home for workouts is now the norm for you, simply follow along with a variety of great routines to choose from like Pilates, yoga, and strength training to name a few. Track breathing not only during exercise but also as you move throughout the day and even while you sleep at night. So many neat features are embedded inside the Descent MK3!

Connected Features

Smart features like Bluetooth, WiFi, ANT allow for Smart notifications enabling you to receive emails, texts and other alerts right on your watch. The Descent Mk3 also provides Safety and Tracking features, allowing you to send a message with your live location if you feel unsafe or if your watch senses an incident occurred. Garmin Pay contactless payments stores credit card details on your watch and allows you to breeze thru checkout lines at participating retailers without pulling out your wallet. It doesn’t stop there though, the Mk3 provides the ability to download music direct to your watch from your Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music accounts for phone free listening.

The many options the MK3i offers is endless and you’ll wear it 24/7 everywhere you go!

Garmin Descent Mk3i Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band 51mm Box Contents

Each Garmin Descent Mk3i Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band 51mm Comes with:
  • Descent Mk3i – 51 mm, Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band
  • Black Extra-Long Adjustment Strap
  • USB-C Clip Charging/Data Cable
  • Documentation
  • 1-Year Warranty

Garmin Descent Mk3i Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Band 51mm Key Features

  • 200-Meter Dive Rated Case
  • Subwave Sonar Networking
  • Air Integration with Descent T2 Transceiver, Sold Separately
  • Built-In LED Flashlight
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Size: 51mm W x 51mm H x 16.4mm D, 1.4” Display
Garmin Descent Mk3i Manual Click Here

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