Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Catch 10W Wireless Phone Charger

Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Catch 10W Wireless Phone Charger

Scanstrut's ROKK Wireless Catch 10W Charger safely holds your phone in place as it wireless charges it! The ROKK 10 Wireless Catch is up to 60% faster than previous models. Mount to any flat surface inside or outside your vessel!
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The Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Catch charging station is a must have for any vessel. A clever design with edge-to-edge bumpers that keep your phone from sliding around makes for a sleek and trendy home for your cellphone. Installation of your ROKK charging station is easier than ever. Make one simple cut with a 2.5” hole saw at your desired mounting location, peel and apply the 3m self-adhesive tape to the backside of the catch system and firmly press down, then connect to a 12/24v power source and you’re ready to charge.

Constructed with Closed Cell EVA foam, the Catch charging station offers shock absorbency and anti-vibration support for your phone no matter what the sea conditions may be. Waterproof and self-draining, the Catch keeps bacteria and mildew build-up at bay by keeping your phone and the charging area clean after every use. IPX6 waterproof ratings with 12/24v Qi certified wireless charging ranges allow for wireless charging in an outdoor environment without cables being exposed to the elements.

Built for multi-purpose use, The ROKK Wireless Catch system can hold your keys, wallet, and other small items when you’re not charging your phone and the ROKK system will only begin its charging process when a phone is detected. Intuitive, modern, and built for the marine environment, the ROKK Wireless Catch offers unsurpassed charging capabilities for any vessels console.

Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Catch Box Contents

Each Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Catch Comes with:
  • Phone Charging Mat
  • Sub Wireless Charger
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Two Year Warranty