Simrad HS40 Wireless Handset

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Simrad HS40 Wireless Handset

The HS40 Wireless Handset is compatible with the Simrad RS40 VHF Radio. The HS40 Wireless Handset allows for full control of your RS40 Radio and can be easily carried around your vessel. Make calls, scroll through channels and quickly initiate DSC distress functions.
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Communicate Anywhere on Board

The HS40 wireless handset is compatible with the Simrad RS40 Marine VHF Radio (Sold Separately). The HS40 has a 100 meter range and allows for remote control of your VHF radio including making calls, scrolling through channels and initiating DSC distress functions.

Rated IPX7 waterproof and with a unique inductive charging system you will have no exposed power connectors. Eight hours of use with a full charge allows you to move freely around your vessel.