Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld

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Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld

Garmin’s Alpha 10 handheld pairs with the T 5 or TT 15 dog devices and allows you to track up to 20 dogs up to 9 miles away with a 2.5 second update rate. Issue customized corrections to the TT 15 collars right from your handheld or pair with a compatible handheld device to track fellow hunters.

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Compact Dog Tracking Handheld

The Garmin Alpha 10 dog tracking device with GPS is a must have for every hunt. At a glance tracking, configurable training capabilities and a full week’s worth of battery life with up to 40 hours of use, offer more flexibility for the avid hunter. Perfect as a standalone unit or when paired with your smartphone or other compatible Garmin devices such as the Fenix, Instinct, and Tactix watches along with the Garmin DriveTrack GPS navigator, the Alpha 10 becomes a powerhouse of features.

Multi-GNSS satellite support allows your Alpha 10 to access multiple global navigational satellite systems such as GPS and Galileo to provide each hunter with greater accuracy than just using GPS alone. This will aid when tracking your pack, up to 20 dogs, up to 9 miles away with up to a 2.5 second refresh rate when paired with the Garmin T5 and TT15 dog devices. Track fellow hunters as well when you pair your Garmin Alpha 10 to a compatible Alpha or Astro handheld device which can be a great safety feature and will make hunting with friends in specific areas easier than ever.

Your Alpha 10 device, when paired with the Garmin TT15 dog devices, can provide up to 18 momentary and continuous stimulation options that can be customized to your specific training needs for each of your dogs. Through the Alpha 10, audible or vibration commands can be used for quick adjustments to each individual dog making changes on the fly, easier than ever. Use the Garmin Explore App on your compatible smartphone to view real-time dog tracking information, save collections of your dog’s tracks, and replay your tracks to keep up with what happened during your hunt. When paired with the Garmin DriveTrack GPS Navigator, you can view your dog’s location right from your truck during each hunt providing you with a bigger display to see all of the tracks your dogs are taking.

Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld Box Contents

Each Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld Comes with:
  • Alpha 10 Handheld
  • Spine Mount with Wrench kit
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Belt Clip
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty

Garmin Alpha 10 Key Features

  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Pairs with the T 5 or TT15 Collars for tracking or tracking and training
  • 18 levels of stimulation when paired with the TT15
  • Multi-GNSS Support
  • Pairs with Garmin Explore App and a compatible Smartphone
  • Size: 2.3"W x 4.8"H x 1.1“D
Garmin Alpha 10 Manual- Click Here

Product Accessories for Garmin Alpha 10 Handheld

Garmin Carabiner Clip for Handhelds Our Price:$11.95
SKU: GAX1289701

Garmin Carabiner Clip for Handhelds

Keep your Garmin Handheld within reach with the Garmin Carabiner Clip. Clip to a belt or backpack for easy access!

Garmin Adjustable Handheld Mount Our Price:$25.95
SKU: GAX11031

Garmin Adjustable Handheld Mount

Secure your compatible handheld GPS to a flat surface with this adjustable mount. Screws not included. The Garmin Adjustable Handheld Mount is compatible with: Garmin Alpha, Approach, Astro, Colorado, eTrex, GPSMAP, inReach, Oregon, and Rino series GPS units.

Garmin Belt Clip for Garmin Handheld Units Our Price:$9.95
SKU: GAX1173420

Garmin Belt Clip for Garmin Handheld Units

Garmin Belt Clip for eTrex 10, 20/20x, 25, 30/30x and 35, GPSMAP 64 Series, 66i, GPSMAP 79, 86 series, inReach Mini and Explorer, Oregon 700/750/750T, Rino 750/755T.

Garmin Handlebar and Cart Mount Our Price:$8.95
SKU: GAX11023

Garmin Handlebar and Cart Mount

Garmin Handlebar Mount and Cart Mount. Compatible with Garmin Oregon, GPSMAP 62, GPSMAP 64,GPSMAP 66  eTrex 10/20/30, Astro 320, Dakota, Colorado, inReach and Rino Series of GPS units. Will mount right to a handlebar or rail.

Garmin Backpack Tether for Handhelds Our Price:$19.95
SKU: GAX11855

Garmin Backpack Tether for Handhelds

Garmin Backpack Tether for Handhelds is perfect when holding your unit just isn't an option. Lightweight and durable this nylon harness wrap with hook-n-loop attachment can accommodate any style of strap with widths up to 3.75”. Compatible with Garmin Dakota, eTrex 10/20/30, Oregon and GPSMAP 62, GPSMAP 64 and GPSMAP 66 Series.

Garmin MicroUSB Cable  Our Price:$14.95
SKU: GAX1147801

Garmin MicroUSB Cable

Connect your Garmin device to your computer or laptop using this microUSB cable to update your device software, download new vehicle icons, connect to GarminConnect and much more.

Garmin Flotation Lanyard Our Price:$12.95
SKU: GAX1252501

Garmin Flotation Lanyard

Garmin's Flotation Lanyard for Garmin Handhelds ensures your device is close by and secure when on the water. Includes quick-release connector.

Garmin High Speed Multi-Charger with USB Connection Our Price:$37.95
SKU: GAX1072317

Garmin High Speed Multi-Charger with USB Connection

Garmin High Speed Multi-Charger with 2 USB ports. Use the 12v female outlet for your GPS and the USB to charge your phone or other USB Device. USB Cable not included.

Garmin Retractable Lanyard Our Price:$22.95
SKU: GAX10888

Garmin Retractable Lanyard

Keep your Garmin secured to you at all times with the retractable lanyard.

Garmin Automotive Navigation Kit for Handheld GPS Units Our Price:$39.95
SKU: GAX1085110

Garmin Automotive Navigation Kit for Handheld GPS Units

The Garmin Automotive Navigation Kit for includes a 12V lighter adapter, suction cup mount and an adhesive mount for the dash board. Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 62, GPSMAP 64, eTrex 10/20/30, Astro 320, Oregon, Dakota, Colorado and Rino Series of GPS units.

Garmin TT 15 Mini Track and Train Dog Collar Our Price:$299.99
SKU: GA01486

Garmin TT 15 Mini Track and Train Dog Collar

Garmin's TT 15 Mini Dog Device Collar for Alpha 100 and Astro 320 provides Satellite reception via GPS and GLONASS satellites and tracks up to 4 miles away. With 18 levels of stimulation and vibration you will have even more training options. Designed for smaller dogs with up to a 9.5" neck circumference.

Garmin T5 Mini Dog Collar Our Price:$249.99
SKU: GA0148610

Garmin T5 Mini Dog Collar

The Garmin T 5 Mini Dog Tracking Collar offers a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver which tracks dogs up to 4 miles away when paired with the Astro 320 or Alpha 100. Built in LED Lighting works well in low light or night conditions and are visible up to 300 feet away.