FLIR M232 Pan/Tilt Thermal Image Camera

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FLIR M232 Pan/Tilt Thermal Image Camera

Flir’s M232 Pan and Tilt Thermal Camera is the most compact and affordable to date. Offering a 320 x 240 resolution with 9Hz refresh rate, the M232 improves navigation and safety by assisting boaters with better views morning, day or night! View a person up to 1,500’ away and a small vessel up to .67nm away.
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Fixed Mount, Pan and Tilt Thermal Imaging Camera

Flir's M232 Pan and Tilt Thermal Imaging Camera provides an affordable solution to night vision! See in complete darkness with the M232 with 320 x 240 thermal resolution and 4x e-zoom. The M200 from FLIR provides an enhanced level of safety and navigation.

Small in size the M232 can see a person in the water up to 1,500' away while viewing a small vessel up to 0.67nm away! With a 360° Call for Help with Marine Electronics continuous panning view and a tilt view of +110°, -90° this compact camera offers a 24° x 18° field of view ensuring you can see your surroundings and maneuver through the water with confidence and ease.

An exclusive benefit of pairing the FLIR M232 with a Raymarine Axiom MFD is ClearCruise Intelligent Thermal Analytics which will provide audible and visual alerts when "non-water" objects such as a boat, buoy, or person is identified with your scene. You must have an Axiom display to have this feature. Add the Raymarine AR200 Augmented Reality Module to stabilize the M232 camera with Roll Correction. Roll correction automatically adjusts the Video app image when the vessel tilts (rolls) to port or starboard. When enabled, the Roll Correction feature accounts for the boat tilting and stabilizes the video feed accordingly. This means that the video feed’s horizon will be parallel with the actual horizon. When disabled, the video feed will tilt with the boat and the MFD screen.

**Currently compatible with Raymarine Axiom MFD Displays, Furuno TZ Touch, Simrad NSS Evo 3, Lowrance HDS Live and Garmin GPSMAP 7x2/9x2/10x2/12x2/74xx/76xx/80xx/82xx/84xx/86xx. *Please note, MFD software update may be required .

*Please note Garmin POE Coupler and Garmin Marine network cable are required when connecting to Compatible Garmin GPSMAP units. 1 Available network port is required and a GMS10 port expander may be needed.

Each FLIR M232 Pan/Tilt Thermal Image Camera comes with: FLIR M232 Pan/Tilt Thermal Image Camera, Thermal Camera Base Seal, Thermal camera fasteners: nuts, dome nuts, spring washers, flat washers, and threaded studs, Power Cable, Raynet to RJ45 Adapter Cable, Raynet to Raynet Cable, Documentation Pack and a Two-Year Warranty .
Size:6.34"W x 9.03"H
FLIR M232 Special Features
  • Pan and Tilt for Optimum Viewing
  • 320 x 240 Resolution
  • 4X Electronic Zoom
  • Ball Up or Ball Down Mounting

Product Accessories for FLIR M232 Pan/Tilt Thermal Image Camera

Garmin Marine Network PoE Isolation Coupler Our Price:$49.95
SKU: GAX1058010

Garmin Marine Network PoE Isolation Coupler

Marine Network Cable PoE Isolation Coupler, Required when installing a FLIR camera on a Garmin Marine Network. Also requires an additional Garmin Marine Network Cable to connect from Coupler to MFD.

FLIR JCU 3 for M100/200/300 Our Price:$399.95
SKU: FLA80510

FLIR JCU 3 for M100/200/300

The JCU-3 Control Unit allows for full control of your compatible FLIR camera. With multiple removable faces included, the JCU-3 can be mounted vertically or horizontally to best suit your space. Rugged and waterproof, never worry about the durability of your control unit.

FLIR IP to Video Decoder Our Price:$1,249.00
SKU: FLX80508

FLIR IP to Video Decoder

The FLIR IP to Video Decoder allow you to connect the M132/232 to an analog video input on your MFD.