Garmin GCV20 UHD Sonar System with Transducer

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Garmin GCV20 UHD Sonar System with Transducer

Garmin’s Ultra High Definition Scanning Sonar system provides crisp images of fish and structure below and to the left and right of your boat. 0.8MHz (800kHz) ClearVu and 1.2MHz (1,200 kHz) SideVu for the best definition. Plug and Play with compatible units via Garmin Marine network.
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Ultra High Def Sonar = Exceptional Underwater Views!

View Underwater detail like never before with Garmin's GCV 20 Ultra High Definition Scanning Sonar. Paired with the GT34UHD Transom mount transducer, this package provides crisp clear near photo like detail below and to the sides of your vessel. Simple plug and play connection with Garmin's echoMAP PLUS 7" and 9" units as well as Garmin GPSMAP 10x2/12x2/12x2 Touch, 7x2/9x2/7x2xs/9x2xs, 7400/7600/7400xsv/7600xsv and 8400/8600/9000 series network systems make this a great add on for the best in clearVu and sideVu scanning!

Share Sonar across multiple networked devices for the best images available. With 3 Garmin marine network ports the GCV20 also doubles as a network port expander! View up to 200' below your boat and up to 125' left or right for a total of 250' side to side while reaching a max depth of 30' on the sideVu.

For the most re-defined sonar images of structure and fish below and to the sides of your boat, the GCV20 UHD is a must have for today's fisherman!

*Included GT34UHD Transducer includes 20' of cable.
*Replaces Garmin GCV 10, 010-01156-10
Garmin GCV20 UHD Sonar System Box Contents
Each Garmin GCV20 UHD Sonar System Comes with:
  • Garmin GCV20 UHD Sonar Box
  • GT34UHD-TM Transducer
  • Transom and Trolling Motor Mounts
  • Right Angle Power and Ethernet Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty
Garmin GCV20 UHD Key Features
  • Simple Network with Compatible Garmin units
  • Includes GT34UHD Transom Mount Transducer
  • Easily share sonar with Multiple Garmin Networked units
  • Ultra High Definition includes ClearVu and SideVu
  • Size: 9.9"W x 7.6"H x 2.6"D

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