Raymarine CP100 Sonar Module with CHIRP DownVision

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Raymarine CP100 Sonar Module with CHIRP DownVision

The Raymarine CP100 Sonar Module with CHIRP DownVision technology takes the guess work out of determining exactly what you’re seeing beneath the boat by allowing you run and view both traditional and CHIRP DownVision technologies simultaneously.
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Chirp DownVision Provides a New Window into What is Below Your Boat

The Raymarine CP-100 Chirp Sounder module brings DownVision technology to Raymarine’s current lineup of multifunction displays. CHIRP DownVision technology delivers a photo like Call for Help with Marine Electronics representation of the bottom under your boat. With this clearer view of structure, fisherman no longer have to wonder if that bump on the sonar screen is the rock or wreck he is looking for. Bottom imaging is not the only advantage with the CP100. It will also provide the user with unrivaled fish and bait targeting detail.


The CP 100 uses CHIRP technology to transmit a wide range of sonar frequencies with each pulse. The result is picture like presentation of sonar images. The CP 100 Chirp Sonar is great at showing habitats in fresh water applications and can provide imaging in saltwater at depths up to 600 feet.


Raymarine’s CP-100 Chirp DownVision Sonar Box brings both new technologies to their Multifunction Displays, so when coupled with their intuitive Lighthouse user interface, the CP-100 can interface with their current series a, c, e, eS and gS series chartplotter/Combination GPS Fishfinders. Raymarine has created three new transducers to be used with the CP-100, one transom mount and two through hull with fairing block. If you are looking for Chirp, have a current model Raymarine plotter, and don’t require depths greater than 600 feet then the CP-100 is a top choice.


Raymarine CP100 CHIRP Sounder Box Contents
Each Raymarine CP100 CHIRP Sounder comes with:
  • CP100 Sounder Module
  • Power Cable
  • up to a Three -Year Warranty
Raymarine CP100 CHIRP Sounder Key Features
  • Raymarine’s CHIRP DownVision technology
  • Network Compatible with a, c, e, eS series units.
  • Provides photo-like imagery of bottom and structure
  • Dual Channel CHIRP sonar for the best image available.

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