Garmin Software Update for GPSMAP Marine Units

Garmin Software Update for GPSMAP Marine Units

Get the latest software update available from Garmin GPSMAP Series with this pre-programmed SD card.
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Offering a simple plug and play solution for software updates, we will program this card at time of purchase with the latest update available from Garmin. Please see below for compatible products.

    • GPSMAP 7400/7600/8400/8600/8700 Series  
    • GPSMAP 7x2/9x2/12x2 Series
    • GPSMAP 12x2 Series
    • GPSMAP 10x2/12x2 Series
    • GPSMAP 7x3/9x3/12x3 Series

Now Shipping the May 2022 (Q4) Marine Software Update!

  • New Chart Orientations Feature
  • New 2022 Analog Gauge Update
  • New Fusion User Interface
  • Mercury Helm Integration and Overlay  Bar
  • Mercury Steering Angle Integration and Mercury Oil Level Monitoring
  • Mercury Troll Integration
  • Radar- Improved On Screen Control for Rain and Sea Clutter
  • GNX Wind Marine Instrument Features include an updated style of analog gauges
  • Power-Pole Anchor Integration- Now control (stow and deploy) your Power-Pole. (C-Monster Gateway from Power-Pole required) 
  • OnDeck System Remote N2K Switching- Control NMEA 2000 and digital switched remotely from the ActiveCaptain app.
  • ActiveCaptain Auto Updates- Set your ActiveCaptain up to allow automatic downloads of updates. The app will automatically check for updates periodically.
  • Garmin User Interface- Allows users to make quick adjustments to a wide range of items without having to change screens. 
  • Mercury Cruise Control- A new overlay bar will appear when the user is connected to a Mercury gateway that supports the Mercury Cruise feature. This will keep your engines at a target RPM that the user sets.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Sailing Features- Adds polar data fields on GNX120/130 and wearables.
  • New Commands for Chartplotter Voice Control- Voice Control Bundle required and sold separately* Allows voice control when the user's compatible wireless headset or speaker is paired with the voice control bundle. 
  • All features not compatible on all models. Voice control NOT compatible with GPSMAP 10x2/12x2 and GPSMAP 7x2/9x2/12x2 Plus.

    Installation Instructions - Please note, Per Garmin's Instructions, it is recommended to back up all user data prior to completing any update.

    Power on the device and make sure all attached network devices are powered on as well. Insert the card into the card slot of your primary device. Select 'Update Software' in the window that automatically displays. After the update completes, all Garmin Marine Network devices and NMEA 2000 sensors will have the latest software. This ensures all of the devices will be able to communicate with each other.

    Note: If you have additional chartplotters connected to NMEA 2000 and not the Garmin Marine Network, you will have to independently update each chartplotter. After the update of the Garmin Marine Network completes, insert the update card into each NMEA 2000 chartplotter.