Garmin Software Update for echoMAP Marine Units

Garmin Software Update for echoMAP Marine Units

Get the latest software update available from Garmin echoMAP Series with this pre-programmed SD card.
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Offering a simple plug and play solution for software updates, we will program this card at time of purchase with the latest update available from Garmin. Please see below for compatible products.

echoMAP Series with SD Card
  • echoMAP Products (7x/9x/10x/12x)

Now Shipping the March 2021 Marine Software Update!

  • Added Bob's Machine Shop Jack Plate Support.
  • Added Panoptix LiveScope Vivid Colors.
  • Added Panoptix LiveScope Updates Including New Toggle Options.
  • Trolling Motor-Navigate Route Feature.
  • Autopilot Uflex Integra EPS System Steer-by-wire Support.

Installation Instructions - Please note, Per Garmin's Instructions, it is recommended to back up all user data prior to completing any update.

Power on the device and make sure all attached network devices are powered on as well. Insert the card into the card slot of your primary device. Select 'Update Software' in the window that automatically displays. After the update completes, all Garmin Marine Network devices and NMEA 2000 sensors will have the latest software. This ensures all of the devices will be able to communicate with each other.

Note: If you have additional chartplotters connected to NMEA 2000 and not the Garmin Marine Network, you will have to independently update each chartplotter. After the update of the Garmin Marine Network completes, insert the update card into each NMEA 2000 chartplotter.