Raymarine Magnum Radar 12KW 48” Open Array Radar

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Raymarine Magnum Radar 12KW 48” Open Array Radar

Raymarine's Magnum 12KW radar with 4 foot open array radar has a 96 mile nautical range, making it the perfect radar for the open seas! Enjoy an advanced Bird Mode, True Trails tracking technology and much more!
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Powerful Radar with True Trails

The Raymarine Magnum Radar was designed to provide your offshore fishing boat or long range cruiser with a new level of performance and detail. This package includes a 12kw pedestal and a 4’ open array giving you a maximum range out to 96nm and upgraded features for ease of use and better performance.

Fisherman will love the enhanced automatic bird mode to locate birds working above baitfish. Save time and fuel by getting to where the fish are instead of searching. The Magnum series radars also use Raymarine’s beam sharpening technology to provide much more detailed target separation and superior long range performance.

Cruisers and Fisherman alike will be very happy with Magnum’s upgraded MARPA target tracking and fully automatic target acquisition. MARPA is a radar plotting aid that provides the radar the ability to track vessels. This is a great tool for cruisers traveling in a group, fisherman watching other boats or even boaters in unfamiliar waters. Magnum will also show the user a True Trail of the other vessels so you can quickly identify where they were and which way they are heading.

The Magnum series radar is fully compatible with Axiom and Axiom Pro with Lighthouse 3 OS. Magnum is backwards compatible with Legacy series with Lighthouse 2 OS but will not provide Automatic MARPA, True Trails and real-time heading updates.

Raymarine Magnum Radar 12KW 48” Open Array Radar Box Contents
Each Raymarine Magnum Radar 12KW 48” Open Array Radar Comes with:
  • Pedestal
  • Mounting template
  • Lifting sling
  • Nut x 8
  • Plain Washer, Stud and Spring Washer x 4
  • Cable tightening tool
  • Radar-to-'RayNet & power' cable (15 m)
  • VCM100 mounting screw x2
  • VCM100 cable clamp mounting screw x3
  • VCM100 Voltage Converter Module
  • VCM100 Cable Clamp
  • 4’ Antenna
  • Threaded alignment guide x4
  • Plain washer x4
  • Threaded alignment guide x4
  • Spring washer and Nut x4
Raymarine Magnum Radar 12KW 48” Open Array Radar Key Features
  • Up to 96 Nautical Mile Range
  • 1.85-Degree Beam Width
  • True Trails Technology
  • Best in Class MARPA
  • Superior Bird Mode
Raymarine Magnum Radar 12KW 48" Open Array Radar Manual- Click Here

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