Raymarine Magnum Radar 4KW 72” Open Array Radar

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Raymarine Magnum Radar 4KW 72” Open Array Radar

The Raymarine Magnum 4kW radar with 6-foot open array boasts a 1.15-degree beam width providing unmatched target separation. Enjoy state of the art MARPA tracking, beam sharpening technology and Raymarine's own True Trails target history.
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Open Array Radar with True Trails Technology

The Raymarine Magnum 4kW, 6 foot open array radar offers unmatched long range and short range target tracking.Offering superior performance up to 72nm away, the Magnum 4kW radar also offers a newly enhanced Bird Mode to help in your search for the perfect fishing spot. Real time heading updates will display a beautiful radar image on your Axiom and LightHouse 3 compatible devices while allowing the radar position to rotate as needed, without having to refresh your entire display page on your MFD.

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Fully compatible with LightHouse 3 OS and Axiom/Axiom Pro MFDs, the Magnum is a great addition to your vessel and will provide a number of various upgraded MARPA algorithms, upgraded beam technology and less than 1-degree bearing resolution for detailed target separation and long-range performance. The Magnum 4kW radar is also backwards compatible with some LightHouse 2 and Legacy MFDs and will offer limited functionality with these devices, however, will still provide a radar image on the display.

The Magnum is built with enhanced radar imaging ensuring a sharper image on your MFD and delivers a better than 1 degree bearing for better target separation and long range performance. Delivering better situational awareness, the Magnum 4kW radar works closely with the 9-axis heading sensor technology to provide every vessel with real-time target plots that will also show True Trails target history which provides a wake behind every moving target. This information ensures it is easier for you to see the movement of other vessels to help you maneuver safely through the water. For the best radar technology for your vessel, the Raymarine Magnum 4kW is the ultimate option.

Raymarine Magnum Radar 4KW 72" Open Array Box Contents
Each Raymarine Magnum Radar 4KW 72" Open Array Comes with:
  • Pedestal
  • Mounting template
  • Lifting sling
  • Nut x 8
  • Plain Washer, Stud and Spring Washer x 4
  • Cable tightening tool
  • Radar-to-'RayNet & power' cable (15 m)
  • VCM100 mounting screw x2
  • VCM100 cable clamp mounting screw x3
  • VCM100 Voltage Converter Module
  • VCM100 Cable Clamp
  • 6' Antenna
  • Threaded alignment guide x4
  • Plain washer x4
  • Threaded alignment guide x4
  • Spring washer and Nut x4
Key Features
  • Up to 72nm range-1.15-degree beam width
  • Backwards compatible with some legacy models (not all features supported)
  • Beam sharpening technology
  • True Trails target history
  • Fully automatic MARPA target acquisition (with heading sensor)
Raymarine Magnum Radar 4KW 72" Open Array Radar Manual- Click Here

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