Simrad HALO20+ 36nm Radar

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Simrad HALO20+ 36nm Radar

The HALO20+ from Simrad is a compact dome radar with a 36NM range. Built with pulse compression technology, the HALO20+ detects collision hazards and other targets in close range and up to 36 nautical miles away. Includes MARPA target tracking, InstantOn, Lower Power Consumption and more.
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Compact Dome Radar with 36NM Range

The Halo 20+ Radar dome is a superior option for collision avoidance while on the water. Built with a full, 360 degree sweep, updated every second, the Halo 20+ provides a mariner with an almost real time view of objects at close range, great for avoidances and fast moving targets. Ultra-Fast 60RPM operation works at ranges up to 1.5nm and offers a maximum 36nm range for normal radar target detection.

High end features such as built-in VelocityTrack Doppler Technology, separates this radar from others on the market. The Velocity Call for Help with Marine ElectronicsTrack Technology offers simple color coding to highlight potential hazards, automatically checks every target within range, eliminating the need to manually select individual targets. No limit to the number of targets you see on your MFD, your situational awareness and reduced risk of collision will be enhanced every time your boat enters the water.

An intuitive internal brain on the Halo 20+ can wake itself instantly from a low powered standby mode providing you high speed radar detection when you need it most. Powered down, and just starting out on your boating adventure? No problem. Fire up your Halo 20 + and receive a clear & current picture of your current surroundings within seconds, not minutes like traditional pulse radars on the market.

Key Features:
  • 36nm Range From A Compact 20 Inch Dome
  • Advanced Pulse Compression Technology With Beam Sharpening
  • Simultaneous Dual-Range Operation (sees near & far)
  • Ultra-Fast 60 RPM Operation At Ranges Of Up To 1.5nm
  • VelocityTrack Doppler Technology For Collision Avoidance
  • Easy Operation With Harbor, Offshore, Weather, & Bird Modes
  • MARPA Target Tracking (Up To 10 Targets, 20 In Dual Range)
  • Ready Instantly From Standby Mode
Simrad HALO20+ Box Contents
Each Simrad HALO20+ Comes with:
  • Simrad HALO20+ Radar Dome
  • 10M Radar Cable
  • 1.5M RJ45 to 5Pin Male Cable
  • Two Year Warranty
Simrad HALO20+ Key Features
  • InstantOn – Wakes up instantly from its low power standby mode
  • Close Range detection up to 36NM
  • 4.9° Horizontal Beamwidth, 25° Vertical Beamwidth
  • Easy operation with harbour, offshore and weather mode
  • Compact 20” Dome
  • Size: 20" Diameter x 8.8” Height
Simrad HALO 20+ Manual- Click Here

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