Garmin GT23M-TH Thru-Hull Transducer

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Garmin GT23M-TH Thru-Hull Transducer

Garmin's GT23M-TH Mid-Band CHIRP Thru-Hull Transducer provides depth and temperature readings. Perfect for Coastal or Offshore fishing the GT23M includes CHIRP ClearVu for near photolike images below your boat.
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Garmin's GT23M-TH Transducer has an 8-pin connector and provides crisp clear images of structure and fish below the boat. The GT23M-TH offers Mid-Band CHIRP traditional sonar (80-160kHz) with a 600W power rating and CHIRP ClearVu (260/455kHz) and has a power rating of 500W.

Includes GT23 M-TH Transducer, Stainless Steel Stem, Fairing Block, Isolation Plate and Bushings, Extension Cable, Mounting Hardware and Installation Guidelines. (Replaces 010-12760-10, CV23M-TH)

Additional adapter cables may be necessary for connection to certain units

  • Cable length: 30 ft
  • Frequency: CHIRP 80-160 kHz
  • Frequency: CHIRP ClearVu 245-275 and 445-465kHz
  • Transmit power: Traditional CHIRP 600W
  • Transmit power: ClearVu CHIRP 500W
  • Max Depth: Traditional 1,800 ft
  • Max Depth: ClearVu 1,000 ft

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