Garmin GT34UHD-TM Transom Mount Transducer

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Garmin GT34UHD-TM Transom Mount Transducer

Garmin's GT34UHD-TM Transom mount transducer pairs with the GCV20 UHD Sonar Box for exceptional underwater images.
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The GT34-UHD Transom Mount Transducer pairs with Garmin's GCV20 Ultra-High Definition Sonar box to provide exceptional underwater images in near photo-like detail. WIth a downward facing element and frequencies ranging from 800kHz to 1,200kHz images are crisp and clear below and to the left and right of your boat.

  • Ultra High Definition ClearVu:0.8MHz (800kHz) CHIRP Range: 760-880 kHz
  • Ultra High Definition SideVu:1.2MHz (1,200kHz) CHIRP Range: 1,060-1,170 kHz
  • Maximum Depths: 200' UHD ClearVu & 125' each side UHD SideVu - 250' total - Max Depth 30'
  • 12 Pin Connection
  • 20' Transducer Cable Length

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