Garmin GT51M-TM Transom Mount Transducer

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Garmin GT51M-TM Transom Mount Transducer

Garmin GT51M-TM 12-Pin 600W CHIRP (Mid-Band CHIRP 80-160kHz) and 500W (CHIRP 260/455kHz) ClearVu/SideVu Transom Mount Transducer. Built-In Temperature Sensor. Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 7600xsv Series and GSD25.
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The Garmin GT51 M-TM is a 12 pin transom mount transducer with temp sensor that provides 500W CHIRP ClearVü/SideVü (CHIRP 260/455 kHz) and 600W CHIRP  (Mid-band CHIRP 80-160 kHz) Sonar. This technology provides you with ultra-clear images of what is beside and beneath your boat. The GT51M-TM is optimized to provide you with the best performance in rough waters. The combination elements of the GT51M-TM provide up to 1500 watts of power when operating in ClearVu/SideVu frequencies of 260/455 kWh while the traditional CHIRP has 600 watts of power and operates in the mid-band CHIRP frequencies of 80-160. A fast response temp sensor is also part of the GT51M-TM. This transducer is compatible with Garmin’s XSV Chartplotter/sounder and their GSD 25 Sonar Module.

Compatible with Garmin echoMAP CHIRP sv Models, GPSMAP 7600xsv Series, ECHOMAP Plus and UHD sv units, and GSD25 - 12 Pin Connection.

*600W CHIRP Frequency Range - Mid-Band CHIRP 80-160kHz, Maximum Depth 1,800 ft

*ClearVu/SideVu CHIRP Frequency Range - 260kHz = 245-275 and 455kHz = 445-465

*ClearVu Maximum Depth 1,000 ft, SideVu Maximum 750 ft

The 010-01966-00 replaces the Garmin CV51M-TM, 010-12761-00.

Garmin GT51M-TM Details
Dimensions: 9.0" x 2.5" x 1.2"
Cable Length: 30 Feet

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