Garmin GT54UHD-TM Ultra High Definition Transducer

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Garmin GT54UHD-TM Ultra High Definition Transducer

Garmin's GT54UHD-TM Transducer pairs with your Garmin GPSMAP 8400/8600xsv series and echoMAP Ultra GPS/Fishfinder to provide exceptional High Definition images of fish and structure below and to the left and right of your vessel! The GT54 also provides accurate water temperatures.
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Ultra High Definition Transducer with ClearVu/SideVu Imaging

The All in One GT54UHD-TM Transducer pairs with your compatible GPSMAP 8400xsv and 8600xsv series of GPS/Fishfinders as well as echoMap Ultra 106/126 to provide unmatched sonar imagery. Using multiple frequencies, this transom or trolling motor mounted transducer provides underwater images like never before!

High Wide CHIRP Sonar operates on a frequency range of 150-240kHz and reaches depths of 800' while the UHD (Ultra High Definition) ClearVu and SideVU sonar provides images of fish and structure below your boat in crisp clear detail - so clear that you can even see fish hanging off branches of submerged trees! Plus with UHD you can now even distinguish between bigger and smaller fish and even see individual fish targets! This is an all in one transducer! UHD ClearVu images will reach 200' below the boat, while the SideVu sonar offers 2 frequency settings for an extended range of up to 500'!

Pair the GT54UHD with a compatible GPS/Fishfinder and spend more time enjoying fishing then searching for fish!

Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 8400/8600xsv GPS/Fishfinder Series and echoMAP Ultra

*High Wide CHIRP Frequency Range - High Wide CHIRP 150-240kHz, Maximum Depth 800'

*Ultra High Definition ClearVu Frequency - 0.8MHz (800kHz) CHIRP Range, 860-880kHz, Maximum Depth 200'

*Ultra High Definition SideVu Frequency - 1.2MHz (1200kHz) CHIRP Range, 1080-1230kHz, Maximum Range 125' to each side, 250' total - Maximum Depth 30'

*SideVu Frequency - 455kHz CHIRP Range, 425-485kHz, Maximum Range 500' side to side

12 Pin Connection, 20' Cable and Includes Depth and Temperature Readings

Garmin GT54UHD-TM Transducer Box Contents
Each Garmin GT54UHD-TM Transducer Comes with:
  • GT54UHD-TM transducer with Depth and Temp, 12Pin connection and 20' Cable
  • Transom mount
  • Trolling motor mount
  • Mounting hardware
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty
Garmin GT54UHD-TM Transducer Key Features
  • All in One Transom or Trolling Motor mounted transducer
  • Ultra High Definition for extended range and performance
  • High Wide CHIRP, Clear VU and SideVu
  • See exception detail of fish and structure up to 200' below your boat!
  • Two SideVu sonar frequencies provide an extended range up to 500' left to right

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