Raymarine AIS700 AIS Transceiver

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Raymarine AIS700 AIS Transceiver

Raymarine AIS700 Class B AIS will transmit your vessels information while receiving broadcast from other vessels in the area. Built in splitter along with its compact design allows for easy installation.
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Full transmit AIS with Built in Antenna Splitter

The Raymarine AIS700 Class B AIS Transceiver is a full transmit and receive device and built with a wide array of connecting options. The AIS 700 can be connected to NMEA 2000 compliant MFD’s, older MFD’s with NMEA 0183 connections, PC’s via the built-in USB connection, and to Raymarine MFD’s via SeaTalk NG network. Such a wide variety of interconnecting abilities allows every end user to find a connection that’s best and doesn’t leave you feeling limited to how you share and view data.

Exchange data with other vessel users including vessel name, course, speed, and more. AIS contacts can quickly be shared and displayed on Raymarine MFD’s, radars, and other select instruments. With the AIS700 you can transmit your own vessel data as well as receive data from other vessels nearby keeping you aware of what’s around you. A hardware and software enabled Silent Mode allows you to temporarily restrict the broadcasting of your vessels data while still receiving other vessels data which is crucial in a tournament setting or where added security is a concern.

Raymarine built this compact device to be easily mounted virtually anywhere on the vessel taking up minimal room inside the helm or behind a console. A built-in VHF band antenna splitter allows you to share a single antenna with your current VHF radio making the installation seamless. Designed with the latest networking technology, the AIS700 performs at a much faster rate at longer distances over previous models on the market. For the latest in transceiver technology, the Raymarine AIS 700 Class B AIS is the ultimate solution.

The included GPS antenna must be used for proper performance.

* Before we can program your AIS we need a few pieces of information and all AIS units require programming before shipping. Please fill out the form below and fax (910-575-9543) or email (sales@thegpsstore.com) it back to us.
Click here to download a copy of the AIS programming form.
You will also need an MMSI number to complete the above form, if you don't already have one, you can get that here.

Raymarine AIS700 Box Contents
Each Raymarine AIS700 Comes with:
  • Raymarine AIS700
  • VHF antenna splitter
  • Antenna
  • Gasket
  • Pole mount kit
  • Power and data cable
  • VHF radio antenna interconnect cable
  • Devicenet to seatalk NG cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Pro-AIS programming software CD-ROM
  • Documentation kit
  • Two-Year Warranty
Raymarine AIS700 Key Features
  • Send and receive AIS information
  • Network NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, PC and Seatalk
  • Simple silent mode for enhanced security when needed
  • Built-in antenna splitter
  • Super-compact for easy mounting
  • Size: 6.76"W x 5.22"H x 2.24"D
Raymarine AIS 700 Manual - Click Here

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