Raymarine Element 9HV with LNAC Charts and HV100 Transducer

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Raymarine Element 9HV with LNAC Charts and HV100 Transducer

Raymarine’s Element 9HV with 9” display ships with Lighthouse North America Charts for detailed U.S. Coastal and Lake Mapping. Includes HV100 Transom Mount transducer providing HyperVision, DownVision, SideVision, RealVision, conventional CHIRP sonar and Water temperature, all in one, for the best underwater imaging!
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9” GPS/Fishfinder with HyperVision Sonar!

If you’re looking for a durable, push button controlled GPS/Fishfinder with exceptional sounder performance, then The Raymarine Element 9 HV with the HV100 transducer is the unit you have been waiting on. The super bright 9” sunlight viewable display provides you with crystal clear sonar imagery and charting views right at your reach. The Raymarine Element 9HV combo unit is a great fit for smaller inshore, nearshore, and inland style boats.

The HV100 provides High resolution CHIRP sonar technology that works together with DownVision,HyperVision, SideVision, and RealVision 3D to bring you unsurpassed sonar functionality. Packaged with your 9HV is Lighthouse NC2 Mapping which includes Lake and Coastal mapping for the entire U.S, the British Columbia Coast, The Great Lakes (US and Canada), Alaska, Hawaii and the Bahamas. The Navigational charts include color-shaded bathymetric charts, depth contours, buoys, hazards and tidal stations. You will also be able to access a wealth of fishing information like Fishing HotSpots with GPS coordinates (Verified info by local experts with fishing tips), submerged structure, bottom composition and descriptions. Also for the cruisers and sailors, LNC has preloaded marina, boatramp, access points, fuel docks, parking lots, restrooms, campgrounds and more. The element is also fully compatible with C-Map 4D and Navionics Platinum Plus.

The Raymarine Element keeps you on target with simple keypad controls and an angler centered LightHouse Sport operating system, so you can keep your focus on fishing, not adjusting your GPS/Chartplotter. Call for Help with Marine Electronics An oversized waypoint key puts you on your favorite spots, while the Element's industry-unique RealBathy personal depth-map generator even lets you make your own high-definition bathymetric maps on the fly. The quad-core processor is lightning quick and allows you to maneuver the menu options without delay.

Included with your Element 9HV is the HV100 transom mount transducer that keeps you ahead of the game. The HV100 provides HyperVision, DownVision, SideVision, RealVision, and conventional CHIRP sonar for the most crisp, clear underwater imagery. HyperVision 3D sonar and CHIRP work simultaneously with higher frequencies to provide a new level of sonar technology to your boat. The 1.2 MHz HyperVision mode offers higher resolution imaging up to 100’ for better fish targeting and high-speed bottom tracking. Easily switch to a 350kHz CHIRP sonar for longer range and higher resolution imaging up to 600’ below the boat. RealVision 3D sonar offers a better depiction of vegetation, ledges, channel beds, and any contour changes that may affect the type of fishing you are doing.

The Element 9HV has 8 GB of internal memory with room for 10,000 waypoints, 150 routes, and 15 tracks however this can be expanded by adding up to a 32GB sd card. With NMEA2000 connectivity, you’re able to easily integrate VHF’s, Deading sensors, Engine Data and more!

Raymarine periodically releases software updates in an ongoing effort to provide support for new devices and improve performance on existing electronics. Raymarine's newest software release, Lighthouse Sport v3.9.98 allows users to connect 2 Element displays via SeaTalkng for waypoint sharing (will not support route sharing or moving waypoints between groups). Autopilot support is another feature provided with the v3.9.98 software release. Elements can now output navigation data to a connected autopilot via Seatalkng allowing users to track to a waypoint or route (does not allow for autopilot control. A control head is required). The latest software update also allows Element units to connect to the Wireless Quantum Radar via Wi-Fi (Elements cannot support MARPA). Software updates are free and accessible through Raymarine’s website or direct to your device via WiFi.Software update may be required.

Compatible with CMAP MAX and Local Charts
Raymarine Element 9HV with LNC Box Contents
Each Raymarine Element 9HV Comes with:
  • Raymarine Element 9HV GPS/Fishfinder
  • Lighthouse North America Charts
  • HV-100 Transducer with 6m cable
  • Trunnion bracket with mounting hardware
  • Surface mount kit with mounting hardware
  • Sun cover
  • Power / NMEA2000 1.5m cable
  • Documentation pack
  • Transom bracket with mounting hardware
  • P-clips with mounting hardware (x5)
  • Escutcheon plate with mounting hardware
  • Up To a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Size: 11.3"W x 6.3 "H x 2.4“D
Raymarine Element 9HV with Navionics + Key Features
  • 9” Rugged GPS with HyperVision Sonar
  • NMEA2000 Compatible (DeviceNet Micro-C Connection)
  • 10,000 Waypoints, 150 Routes, 16 Tracks
  • Detailed Coastal and Lakes throughout the U.S.
  • HyperVision 1.2MHz Sonar with CHIRP, DownVision, SideVision and RealVision
Raymarine Element
# Of Waypoints # Of Routes Track log Receiver Type Display Size Manuals and Instructions
5,000 50 10,000 points, 15 saved tracks 10Hz GPS receiver Color 9" Diag. 800 x 480 Click Here

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