Fitness Watches and Bands for Your Exercise Routine

Whether you’ve always been a fitness enthusiast or you are just beginning your journey into improving your health, you may be curious about fitness bands and watches. These sporty strap-on devices can monitor everything from your heart rate to your sleeping patterns and are the current rage in fitness circles everywhere.

What’s the difference between a fitness band and a fitness watch?

Aesthetics and ease of obtaining information are the main differences between fitness bands versus fitness watches. The bands are created to be minimalistic and tend to have a bracelet like appearance. They also rely on wireless connections to smart phones, tablets and your computers in order for you to interact with them. Fitness watches have a true watch appearance with an interface which permits the user to engage directly with the item. When comparing the abilities of the two—fitness bands versus watches—it really comes down to aesthetics and ease of use for the wearer when choosing which is right for you.

What do fitness bands/fitness watches do?

The current fitness bands/watches on the market are extremely versatile devices which can monitor your every move throughout the day. They can keep track of your heart rate, monitor the number of steps you take daily and analyze your sleep patterns. Fitness bands and watches may serve as silent alarm clocks in order to wake the wearer up in bed as well as calorie counters. These devices even come with built-in motivation to help you get up and move more often.

How does a fitness band/fitness watch work?

Just as you’d imagine by their names, the fitness bands and watches slip or latch around your wrist as you do your day-to-day chores. With the use of sensors, they monitor your daily actions and then you have the option to view your daily report through apps on your smart phone, tablet or even via their website. Some brands have LED lights which will brighten as your activity increases throughout the day marking your daily progress. One brand even buzzes to remind the user to get up and move if they haven’t stood up within a certain period of time during the day.

What are the downsides of fitness bands/fitness watches?

While these are versatile devices which can definitely inspire the user to exercise, if they’re not worn—they can’t help. They are useless tossed in the drawer or in a junk pile. Each brand has a specific battery life and will need to be recharged on occasion. If you spend a lot of time in the water, you will also want to ensure the band of your choice is waterproof and safe for constant exposure to moisture.
 Fitness bands and watches are a great tool for those wishing to improve their health.

With designs ranging from sleek to sporty and every color option possible available, they can match almost any outfit. If you’re looking for daily motivation to get up and move, investing in a fitness band or watch would be a great first step.