Si-Tex NavPro 900 Chartplotter

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Si-Tex NavPro 900 Chartplotter

The Si-Tex NavPro 900 provides the user with a plethora of features like Wi-Fi, Automatic Updates, Cloud Backups and Polaris charts for the Coastal U.S. and Great Lakes. All behind a bright hi-res 9” touchscreen display.
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Chartplotter with Cloud Waypoint Backup!

The Sitex NavPro 900 Chartplotter is bundled with Polaris charts for U.S. Coastal and Great Lakes detail. The sleek 9” hybrid touch high resolution display is easy to use. Simply pinch and zoom on the color display to change the screen to your liking. The internal 18Hz GPS/GLONASS 72 channel GPS receiver and antenna provides accurate position that you can trust!

You can even use the Loran-C coordinate system on your plotter. Simply make some basic setting adjustments to use TD's. This is a great feature not found in all chartplotters!

Enjoy automatic backups of all user data to a free cloud-based data backup service with the Captain Cloud feature (must be connected to WiFi). Never hassle with inconvenient software updates again. Your NavPro’s software will automatically update when connected with WiFi.

The included Polaris charts cover all of the U.S Coastal waters as well as the Great Lakes. Polaris charts do not include Canada. Polaris charts provide rich bottom contour detail, hi-res spot soundings, dynamic tides and currents and more! User selectable color palettes let boaters set up their maps to match their personal preference and lighting conditions. These charts are sourced from Official NOAA ENC charts and provide easy to read detail with no activation fee- and no subscriptions! Polaris charts are made exclusively for the SiTex NavPro series.

The SiTex NavPro series also supports C-MAP Max, C-MAP 4D, Navionics+ and Navionics Platinum+ charts, sold separately.

Sitex has outfitted the NavPro with many convenience-based features that allow you to spend more time enjoying your boat and less time worrying about your chartplotter. Download the Mirror Screen app on Android based smartphones and control and view data right on your smartphone when connected via Bluetooth!

Ease of operation makes the Sitex NavPro a breeze to navigate. Si-Tex has made yet another improvement with the newly designed yoke and swivel mount. Designed for easy flush mounting with no additional purchase needed, Si-Tex has thought of it all!

Interfacing your NavPro to your other devices with NMEA 1083 or NMEA 2000 allows your NavPro to communicate numerical data with compatible electronics. The Sitex 900 allows for full AIS integration when interfaced with an AIS unit.

The possibilities are endless with the Sitex NavPro 900 Chartplotter.

Si-Tex NavPro 900 Box Contents
Each NavPro 900 Comes with:
  • NavPro 900 Display
  • Protective Sun Cover
  • Gimbal Mounting Bracket and Knobs
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual
  • Two Year Warranty
Si-Tex NavPro 900 Key Features
  • Internal 50 Channel GPS Antenna
  • Compatible with traditional and CHIRP transducers
  • 9 inch hybrid touch display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Free cloud waypoint backups
  • Size: 10.9" W x 6.06" H x 3.7“ D
Looking for a unit with a built in sounder?
Take a look at the NavPro 900F Chartplotter/Fishfinder.

Compatible with CMAP MAX and Local Charts

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