Improve Safety on the Road or at Sea with a GPS Device

Do you remember when you were a kid riding around in the backseat of the family car? It was late at night and your parents were trying to make sense of the tattered old map they kept in the glove compartment. The map light was shining it’s narrow beam and Dad was leaning to one side to get a better view of the colored lines and numbers on the map. Oh yeah, he didn’t even bother to pull over. The family car was still barreling down the freeway. Wouldn’t it have been great if the family car, or boat for that matter, had been equipped with GPS technology?

Global Positioning System Technology

A GPS unit can save a driver or boating enthusiast a lot of time and trouble. Moreover, just think of how many lives, not to mention tanks of gas, have been saved because the driver no longer has to take their eyes off the road to search for street signs and other landmarks. Changing lanes at the last moment to make a turn or exit a freeway are virtually a thing of the past. Even if you miss your turn, a GPS unit will automatically show you how to get back on track.

GPS Safety Tips

Just like sending text messages and other forms of distracted driving, you should never program a GPS unit while driving. Program the unit prior to departure or pull off the road to make adjustments. Investing in a voice activated GPS model should solve this problem altogether. Accessing GPS information should be similar to glancing down at the speedometer. The device should never interrupt a driver’s line of sight. Battery powered GPS gadgets make it easy to switch vehicles or do a little programming at home or during a break at work. Don’t forget to use the favorites feature to list all your favorite locations.

Becoming comfortable with a GPS device takes time. In the beginning, use the device to travel familiar routes. This is the best way to learn the language and features of your GPS model. Allowing someone else to get behind the wheel and serving as navigator a few times will also allow you to give your full attention to a new GPS device. Once you’re comfortable with the features and sounds of GPS technology, it’s time to solo. Don’t forget to grab your portable GPS device before you lock the car. There are plenty of thieves on the lookout for GPS units these days.

Marine GPS

It’s true that using a GPS unit to travel domestically or abroad can drastically improve driving safety, but what about employing GPS technology to make your way around an ocean, lake or river. Just like driving a car or truck, especially during inclement weather, it’s safer when you know where you’re going. You don’t even have to be an experienced sea captain to benefit from a marine GPS unit.

Everyday men and women can now employ GPS technology to efficiently navigate a body of water without worrying about getting lost. Many GPS devices will even help you locate a school of hungry fish. Marine GPS technology can save lives in so many ways. In the past, all you could do was contact the Coast Guard when you were lost at sea. Now you can use marine GPS to plan and monitor any voyage. On land or at sea, GPS technology can contribute to the safety and well being of any tourist or everyday traveler.