Marine Communications Systems: What Every Water Enthusiast Should Know

Every person that goes on the open water in a vessel must have certain key pieces of information and equipment for a safe journey. A simply boating adventure could become problematic without the right gear, and you must be prepared for the trip before you even think of leaving the dock. Read carefully to ensure that you have everything you need for a safe voyage.

#1: Radio

Every boat must have a radio. You may not carry much else with you, but a radio is going to allow you to get in touch with other boats in the area. There is an emergency band on all radios that will send out a distress signal, and the Coast Guard checks their radio signals constantly for distress signals. Your radio is your best friend. It must have fresh batteries and a consistent power supply so that you can contact someone when you need to most.

#2: Paper Maps

You must bring along paper maps that will back you up if something happens to your GPS system. You should not leave the dock expecting everything to go perfectly. Preparing in advance for a worst case scenario is a much safer way of boating.

#3: GPS

A boat with a GPS system is much safer because of the information that the GPS system offers. GPS systems have nautical maps loaded that show everything from water depth to nautical boundaries. You will know if you are drifting into an unrestricted area, and the GPS system can alert you to such problems. Other boats will turn up on the screen, and you can avoid much larger vessels if you are in a heavy shipping lane.

#4: Flags And Flares

Your GPS system makes your boating adventure easy because you can plot routes easily, remain safe and stay out of restricted areas. Your flags and flares are the backup system that will help you to alert other boats of your presence or status. You can use flags to signal another boat, and you can shoot off a flare if you are drifting at sea. The GPS system cannot communicate in this manner, and you need to have the skill to use the flags and flare if your radio is not working.

Using the four items above will allow you to have a great voyage. You will be safe, and you will have a wonderful time on the water.