Garmin GT30-THP Thru-Hull Transducer Pair

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Garmin GT30-THP Thru-Hull Transducer Pair

Garmin GT30 Thru Hull transducer pair, 12-pin with fairing block. The GT30 Transducer pair provides ClearVu/SideVu for boats with a deadrise of 5-25 degrees.
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  • Mounting Style: Low Profile Thru Hull with Fairing Block
  • Deadrise: Suitable for 5-25 Degrees
  • Frequency Range: ClearVu, SideVu, CHIRP- 455kHz (425-485), 800kHz (790-850)
  • Beamwidth: ClearVu: 1.4°x53° @ 455 kHz and 0.8°x30° @ 800 kHz, SideVu: 1.1°x53° @ 455 kHZ and 0.7°x30° @ 800 kHz
  • Power Output: ClearVu/SideVu 500W per element
  • Max Depth: ClearVu (750 feet), SideVu (500 feet) in ideal water conditions, best case scenario
  • Transducer Functions: Depth and Water-Temperature
  • Cable Length: 35-feet (5ft+30ft Y-Cable)
  • Transducer Material: Stainless steel stem with fairing Block
  • Connector Style: Garmin 12-Pin
  • Ideal for: Shallow water fishing with clear definition of objects, structure and fish below and to each side of the boat.
  • Garmin Thru Hull Installation Guide Click Here
    GT 30 Single vs. Pair
    Garmin GT30-THP Details
    Each Garmin GT30-TH comes with:Port and Starboard 12-Pin GT30 Thru Hull Transducer with Stainless Steel Stem, Fairing Block, Isolation Bushings, Y-Cable, Mounting hardware and Installation Instructions.

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