Garmin GT52HW-TM Transom Mount Transducer

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Garmin GT52HW-TM Transom Mount Transducer

Garmin's GT52HW-TM Transducer provides depth and temperature readings. Perfect for Freshwater fishing or shallow saltwater fishing the GT52HW includes CHIRP Traditional Sonar and CHIRP ClearVu and CHIRP SideVu for near photolike images below and to the left and right of your boat while consistently displaying crisp clear fish arches and enhanced target separation.
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Garmin's GT52HW-TM Transducer offers an 12-pin configuration and provides crisp clear images of structure and fish below and to the sides of the boat. The GT52 High Wide Transducer offers CHIRP High frequency traditional sonar (150-240kHz) with a 250W power rating and CHIRP ClearVu and CHIRP SideVu (455/800Khz) and has a power rating of 350W per elements.

Includes GT52HW-TM Transducer, Transom Mount, Trolling Motor Mount, Mounting Hardware and Installation Guidelines.

Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 7600 Series, echoMAP CHIRP sv models, echoMAP PLUS SV Models, echoMAP UHD sv models, and GSD25.

Adapter cable may be necessary for connection to certain units

  • Cable length: 20 ft
  • Frequency: CHIRP 150-240kHz kHz
  • Frequency: CHIRP DownVu 425-485kHz and 790-850kHz
  • Frequency: CHIRP SideVu 425-485kHz and 790-850kHz
  • Transmit power: Traditional CHIRP 250W
  • Transmit power: ClearVu CHIRP 350W
  • Transmit power: SideVu CHIRP 350W
  • Max Depth: Traditional 800 ft
  • Max Depth: ClearVu 500 ft
  • Max Depth: SideVu 500 ft
  • Replaces Garmin 010-12762-00, CV52HW-TM

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