McMurdo G8 SmartFind CAT II EPIRB with GPS
  • McMurdo G8 SmartFind CAT II EPIRB with GPS
  • McMurdo G8 SmartFind CAT II EPIRB with GPS

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McMurdo G8 SmartFind CAT II EPIRB with GPS

The McMurdo G8 SmartFind Manual Release EPIRB with GPS is a Category II Electronic Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon. It comes loaded with the latest technology to get you help in an emergency situation as fast as possible. Manual Release EPIRBs can be manually activated or automatically activated when in contact with water when not in their mounting bracket.
MC23001002A    MAN#: 23-001-002A    ID#: 5588
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Category II EPIRB with Built-in GPS

If you’re in the market for cutting edge safety equipment look no further than the SmartFind G8 Category II EPIRB. McMurdo manufactures the world’s most powerful EPIRB’s and they did not disappoint in the Smart find G8. Faster alert time detection on the 406 MHz frequency through MEOSAR technology. MEOSAR search and rescue system offers 72 satellites positioned at medium earth orbit altitude offering faster response times and includes a built in GPS offering greater accuracy. A fully deployed beacon should determine location within 5km, 95% of the time, within 10 minutes.

Easily visible with 3 lights offering 360 degree coverage and 25 flashes per minute, the G8 battery provides 48 hours minimum operating life and offers up to a 10 year battery life with multiple self-tests and an easy to replace battery that you can do yourself. A 5-year health check is recommended by a McMurdo approved center and includes a 1 year extension to the warranty of your McMurdo EPIRB. A global service network that offers over 200+ service centers across 80+ countries makes having your EPRIB serviced easier than ever, no matter where you are.

Combining manual as well as water activation, the G8 is simple to use in any situation. Simply remove the unit from its bracket and manually activate or allow the G8 with bracket removed to make contact with the water and it will then automatically activate ensuring search and rescue is on their way to you.

Packaged with a smart transfer mount, the G8 Cat II allows you to transport the unit without activating the water switch and includes a carry strap for easy transfer from one location to another. For safety and reliability look no further than the McMurdo.

McMurdo G8 CAT II EPIRB Box Contents
Each McMurdo G8 Manual EPIRB Comes with:
  • McMurdo G8 AIS EPIRB
  • Mounting Bracket
  • User Manual
  • Registration Forms
  • One Year Warranty, Upgradable to 5 Years with Registration
McMurdo G8 CAT II EPIRB Key Features
  • Built-in AIS for Close Range Detection.
  • 10-Year Battery
  • GLONASS, GALILEO and GPS Satellite Compatible
  • Simple Manual Activation
  • Size: 5.12" W x 10.24" H x 5.12" D
McMurdo SmartFind G8 GPS Manual - Click Here


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