Simrad Broadband Radar: A Navigational Safety Tool for the Avid Boater

A Broadband radar is an essential piece of tech when it comes to fleet management and handling vessels. This tool accounts for increased safety, better management and tracking, along with monitoring your vessels, even in the most tumultuous weather. This revolutionary radar system is unlike anything else on the recreational boating market. Utilizing solid-state technology, the breakthrough radar system facilitates superior target detection and separation, streamlines operations and offers a new level of navigational safety to the largest fleet of boats. While looking for such equipment for your fleet, it becomes difficult to choose anything apart from Simrad Broadband Radar with 3G. Here are several reasons why.

Long Resolution

This system raises the bar in random performance by providing a superior resolution at longer distances. The system delivers the same, constant and exceptional close range capabilities that are the signature of any such radar, by marking objects within 6.5 objects or 2 meters of the vessel. This not only aids in providing definition to the target, it enables separation at close quarters, when the traditional pulse radar goes blind.

Dual Range

The Simrad Broadband Radar provides exclusive and unmatched dual range functionality making them the only recreational radar capable of displaying distance between 200 feet to 36 nautical miles from a single dome. This navigational safety tool allows people in the vessel to see 200 feet away on the multifunction display, while simultaneously monitoring coastal projections that may be up to 36 nautical miles. Additionally, the 4G model can even track up to 10MARPA targets per range, each with independent control for a total of 20 tracked targets in the split screen mode.

Beam Sharpening

To enable optimal target separation, this device uses dome radar to use beam sharpening, which thereby significantly improves the azimuth resolution, which is the effective horizontal beam width of the signal of the radar. This results in resolution that is equivalent to an open array, 3.5 foot long radar. When this is combines with the Simrad NSE or NSO unit, the systems user-defined, target separation control allows you to adjust the level of separation to meet specific navigational needs.

Low RF Transmission

The Simrad Broadband Radar maintains high sensitivity and clarity in all weather conditions, providing easy to view details of targets even in high sea conditions. You can get near instant updates at a range less than one nautical mile, reduce clutter and echo caused by large targets, accurately chart overplay and MARPA, and work on extremely low emissions. The flexible antenna placement option makes it safe and easy to install anywhere on the vessel.