Standard Horizon HX380 Handheld Commercial VHF with LMR Channels

Standard Horizon HX380 Handheld Commercial VHF with LMR Channels

Standard Horizon’s HX380 Commercial VHF comes packaged with a1600mAh Lithium Ion Battery, 40 Programmable Land mobile Channels, 5/1W transmit power, NOAA weather channels with weather alert and all USA, International and Canadian Marine Channels.
STHX380   MAN#: HX380   ID#: 4697
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5 Watt Handheld VHF with Land Mobile Channels

The Standard Horizon HX380 is a commercial VHF with LMR Channels that is built to stand up to the harsh elements often dealt with in a marine environment. Building on the success of the HX370S, the HX380s handheld VHF has been upgraded by adding a 1600 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which provides over 13 hours of use on a single charge.

The HX380 offers commercial-grade construction, optional headset jack/speaker mic, includes all of the US and International channels, and is capable of being programmed with up to 40 Land Mobile Radio Channels (134 MHz to 174 MHz) with DSC. The HX380 not only meets but exceeds the IPX7 waterproof standard rating.

Additional features include; Priority Scan, programmable channel names, NOAA weather channels with weather alert, Programmable Scan, a battery life indicator, and an Adjustable 5/1 Watt Transmit Power.

Standard Horizon HX380 Details
Each Standard Horizon HX380 comes with:Standard Horizon HX380S,1600 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, Charging Cradle, 110VAC and 12VDC Chargers Belt Clip, Rubber Duck Antenna, Documentation and a 3 Year Warranty.
Size:2.2"W x 5.24"H x 1.3"D
Standard Horizon HX380 Special Features
  • 40 Programmable LMR Channels
  • Optional Headset or Speaker Mic
  • Oversized LCD Display with 13 Hour Battery Life
  • 5/1 Watt Transmit Power
  • NOAA Weather Channels and Weather Alert


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