What Types of Software are Available for a Marine GPS?

Whether you are on land or sea, it is virtually important to know your exact location and where you are heading. Being on water can be very tricky due to the absence of landmarks, disorientated shorelines or fog which makes navigation of marine vessels nightmare, but with the right marine GPS software, sailors can enjoy their safety as well as have fun.

NOAA Marine Navigation GPS Software

NOAA supports all kinds of marine navigation systems by providing an all inclusive official Electronic Navigational Chart used in electronic charting systems and ECDIS. NOAA ENCs supports real time navigation, collision and grounding avoidance needs of the modern mariner. It also features a real time current and tide display capabilities that are essential for large marine vessels. NOAA ENCs also have vector base maps that are fully integrated for geographical coastal management. NOAA ENCs are available for download. All of the major ports in U.S now have NOAA ENC coverage. Newly Updated cells are always posted on the Internet free to download.

Fungawi Marine Gps

Fugawi Marine ENC supports online maps and charts. Fugawi has a 1-year free subscription to their X-Traverse Data Plan and detailed topography of Canadian and USA maps. The software is also available for Android, Windows Mobile devices or Nokia Symbian.


  • Internet Activation of Navionics Charts
  • German Topographic Maps
  • Data card transfer of waypoints and routes
  • Facebook Support as an interactive map.
  • Free Online Maps
  • Subscription to Fugawi X-Traverse Topography Maps of USA or Canada
  • Aerial Photographs, 3D view, Panoramic Photos and Pilot Books
  • NV.Digital Marine Chart
  • Google Earth Maps
  • GPS Auto Detection

PC Plotter

This is a laptop or PC chart plotter specifically designed for fishing and motor yachting. It is very easy to use. In the absence of a GPS device, planning for a route is easy as it includes a Dead Reckoning, and Landmarks bearings. This software incorporates Navionics Vector charts


It incorporates raster charts, but vector charts require you to do an additional purchase.

Additional features include:

Satellite map views, x-Traverse chart store, waypoints, routes, instrument data integration, import/export routes, real time tracking, and route autopilot control.

Transas iSailor

It has easy to use digital vector charts, track recording, routes, waypoints, navigate to feature, real-time tracking, import and export routes, as well as an AIS display.


This program is highly recommended for an Open Sea Map navigation adventure. Sailors have also used it on commercial purposes on the sea.


This is one of the best navigation programs.

Chart formats feature:

  • Open Sea Map, ENC, WSV, Bing Maps, BSB and self-scanned charts.
  • GPS data
  • Exact Ships position on the Moving map.
  • Way-points by a mouse click
  • Distance of other ships from you
  • NMEA-simulator included
  • Plotting with a Logbook
  • Autopilot control

There is no other feeling that feels great as the breeze of the lake, ocean or river as you glide effortlessly. There is still also nothing quite frustrating like getting lost in an endless ocean of the blue of nothingness without an idea of where to turn. Marine GPS software's take away your fears and worries.