The GPS Store's Guide to Handheld GPS units

At The GPS Store we try to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Our guide to handheld GPS was made in an effort to cut down the time one would spend trying to find the unit that is right for their application. This guide gives you important information regarding our Handheld GPS units and what special features a unit may have, or what makes a particular model stand out. Helping you narrow down the selection of units without spending hours looking at different models. If you still have questions you can always send an email to and one of our product specialists will respond. 

Garmin eTrex 10Garmin eTrex 10- Basic easy to operate unit with track plotter display. Waterproof to IPX 7 standards. 20 hour battery life and can store up to 2,000 waypoints.

Garmin GPS 73Garmin GPS 73- A floating, non-mapping handheld ideal as a backup for any vessel. Its high-sensitivity GPS marks and stores 1,000 waypoints and 100 tracks so you can navigate right back to them.

Garmin GPSMAP 78 Garmin GPSMap 78- This floating handheld is waterproof and rugged. Excellent in deep canyons, or near tall buildings. Expansion slot for sd Cards and 24MB of built in memory.

Garmin GPSMAP 66SGarmin GPSMAP 66S-This handheld GPS is built tough and made for life in the outdoors. A sunlight viewable display, rugged design, and waypoint storage for up to 10,000 waypoints.

Garmin eTrex 22xGarmin eTrex 22x- Basic, rugged and easy to operate with a 2.2” sunlight viewable display, great for biking, hunting, or locating geocaches. Built-in 3-Axis Compass and Barometric altimeter as well.

Garmin GPSMAP 86iGarmin GPSMAP 86i- A 3” display with worldwide basemap and inReach capabilities, SOS and 2 way satellite text communication make this water resistant handheld a great addition to any activity.

Garmin GPSMAP 86sGarmin GPSMAP 86s- Floating handheld GPS that’s perfect for offshore and inland lake navigating. Preloaded with a worldwide basemap, the 86s is ready to navigate right out of the box.

Garmin eTrex Touch 25Garmin etrex Touch 25- 2.6" Touchcreen eTrex with expandable memory!Electronic Compass, GPS/GLONASS Receivers, Rugged & Waterproof and designed for one hand operation.

Garmin Instinct WatchGarmin Instinct- A rugged wrist worn military grade GPS with a sunlight viewable display, Bluetooth, and 16gb of memory are a few reasons this should accompany you on your next adventure.

Garmin GPSMAP 78S Garmin GPSMap 78s- Great unit for water sport enthusiasts- it floats! 3 axis tilt compensated electronic compass and barometric altimeter. Supports GPX files for downloading geocaches.

Garmin eTrex 32xGarmin eTrex 32x-Preloaded Garmin TopoActive maps with routable roads and trails and multi-satellite support will help you find your way in whatever activity you endure outdoors with ease.

Garmin GPSMAP 64xGarmin GPSMAP 64x- Built with the avid outdoor adventurer in mind, this device offers accurate position reporting and a high sensitivity quad helix antenna with a long lasting battery.

Garmin GPSMAP 66STGarmin GPSMAP 66ST-A built-in 100k topographic map, color display, and rugged design make this a perfect option for outdoor adventures. Feature filled unit for life off the grid.

Garmin Foretrex 601 Garmin Foretrex 601- Durable navigator utilizes GLONASS, GPS and Galileo satellite systems. Includes a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter.

Garmin eTrex Touch 35 Garmin eTrex Touch 35- 3 Axis electronic compass and barometric altimeter. Bright 2.6" Color Touchscreen Display, Wireless Unit to Unit Transfer, Custom Maps Compatible.

Garmin GPSMAP 64sx Garmin GPSMAP 64sx- A long lasting battery life with an electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and wireless connectivity offer high end features at an affordable price.

Garmin GPSMAP 64CSXGarmin GPSMAP 64CSX- An 8gb camera, wireless connectivity, longer lasting battery and quad helix antenna are just some of the key features you will find in this intuitive handheld GPS.

Garmin Oregon 700 Garmin Oregon 700- Rugged and waterproof 3” touchscreen display with a Worldwide Basemap, Electronic Compass, Barometric Altimeter, Active Weather, Wireless Sharing and more...

Garmin Rino 700 Garmin Rino 700- Rugged and Waterproof, 2.2” monochromatic display with thumbstick control, built for the outdoors. A Worldwide Basemap, Unit to Unit Text Messaging.

Garmin Montana 610 Garmin Montana 610- Built with a 4" touchscreen, the Montana 610 can easily handle navigation using one of Garmin’s many mapping solutions. Rugged and ready to use right out of the box.

Garmin Oregon 750Garmin Oregon 750- An 8 MP Camera, Worldwide Basemap, Electronic Compass, Barometric Altimeter, Active Weather and Wireless Sharing are just a few features found in this high end GPS unit.

Garmin Montana 610TGarmin Montana 610T- Built in 100K, camo exterior, ” dual-orientation, sunlight viewable and a 4" touch screen display will provides ease of use when operating device.

Garmin Montana 680 Garmin Montana 680- Durable and waterproof, has a 4” dual orientation touchscreen display. 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter, Stores up to 4000 waypoints and has up to a 16 hour battery life.

Garmin inReach Explorer Garmin inReach Explorer+- Garmin’s inReach Explorer+ with built-in Topo Mapping provides peace of mind when off the Grid. 2 Way Messaging anywhere in the world.

Garmin Astro 430Garmin Astro 430- GPS/GLONASS receiver, preloaded 100K Topo Mapping, 3 Axis Electronic Compass and Barometric Altimeter. Pinpoint tracking accuracy.

Garmin Oregon 750T Garmin Oregon 750T- With a 3” Touchscreen display and Preloaded 100K Topo maps, electronic compass, barometric altimeter and an 8MP camera this is a top seller.

Garmin Rino 750Garmin Rino 750- 5W FRS/GMRS 2 Way Radio with a High Sensitivity GPS Receiver, Worldwide basemap and 3” Touchscreen display. Features position reporting and NOAA Weather Radio.

Garmin Montana 680TGarmin Montana 680T- Built in 100K topo mapping for the US, durable, waterproof design with a 4" dual orientation touchscreen display, 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter.

Garmin Quatix 5 Quatix 5 Marine GPS Watch- This stylish and rugged marine watch offers autopilot control, wrist based heart rate monitoring, and waypoint marking. Designed for life on the water.

Garmin inReach MiniGarmin inReach Mini- A compact two-way communicator with built-in GPS and SOS functionalities make this device a great addition to your next off the grid outing.

Garmin GPSMAP 78SC Garmin GPSMAP 78SC- Perfect for the mariner, Bluechart G2 info for the coastal US and Great lakes on a 2.6" color display. 3 Axis electronic compass and expandable memory as well.

Garmin Rino 755TGarmin Rino 755T- 3” Touchscreen Display, Active Weather, 8MP Camera, Wireless Communication, FRS/GMRS Radio and Position Reporting are just the beginning of this rugged handheld!

Garmin Foretrex 701 Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic- Extended battery life, easily mark waypoints, routes, and tracks and navigate back to them with confidence. A Rugged Wrist-Mounted GPS designed to military standards.

Garmin Alpha 100Garmin Alpha 100- A built in lithium battery can keep you moving up to 20 hours before you recharge it. The Alpha 100 lets you track, train up to 20 dogs simultaneously.

Garmin GPSMAP 276CXGarmin GPSMAP 276CX- Bright 5” Sunlight Viewable, Keypad controlled screen. Top choice for off road vehicle or marine use. Saves up to 10,000 waypoints.

Garmin Alpha 100Garmin Alpha 100 With TT15- A must have for hunters that use dogs, rugged waterproof design, and 3” color touch screen display that will show pre-loaded 100k US topo maps.

Garmin Quatix 5 Sapphire Garmin Quatix 5 Sapphire- The Quatix 5 is designed for the water and is compatible with Chartplotters and for Autopilot Control, waypoint marking, data streaming and more.

Fenix 6 Pro Black Fenix 6 Pro Black-A multi-function smartwatch with smart notifications, wrist based heart rate monitoring, and a Pulse Ox Sensor built with a rugged and reliable design is great for life on the go.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire- Stylish yet rugged, this watch is built for the avid adventurer and life on the go. Built with detailed TOPO mapping, Garmin Pay, and more, this watch is a must have.

Garmin Fenix 6s Silver Fenix Fenix 6s Silver- 42mm case and 1.2” display, the Fenix 6s is rugged and reliable for all activities and offers a Glass lens, wrist based heart rate, Garmin Pay, Smart Notifications and more.

Garmin Fenix 6 SilverGarmin Fenix 6 Silver- 1.3” glass color display with a silver 47mm bezel and black silicone band, packed full of features such as smart notifications, performance metrics and more.

Garmin Astro 900Garmin Astro 900-The Astro 900 can track up to 20 dogs at one time and provides pre-loaded Topo maps for the US as well as southern Canada.

Garmin OverlanderGarmin Overlander- A 7” color display with turn by turn on road guidance and preloaded TOPO mapping. A versatile unit for on foot, ATV or vehicle navigation.

Garmin GPSMAP 86scGarmin GPSMAP 86sc-Preloaded with Garmin Bluechart G3 maps with Navionics data for coastal US. Waters, this floating handheld GPS is the perfect addition to your next offshore adventure.

Garmin GPSMAP 86sciGarmin GPSMAP 86sci- Preloaded G3 coastal maps for the US, inReach capabilities with SOS and 2 way satellite text communication make this a great addition to your on-the-water activities!

Garmin GPSMAP 66iGarmin GPSMAP 66i- Built tough and made for life in the outdoors, the GPSMAP 66i has a rugged design and a longer battery life. Detailed views of terrain, elevations, parks, rivers and more built-in!

Garmin Fenix 6x Pro BlackGarmin Fenix 6x Pro Black- Next generation of smartwatches features like trail running, to swimming, to running, the Fenix 6 Pro with Glass Lens is packed full!

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar Fenix Fenix 6 Pro Solar- The 1.4” powerGlass lens uses sunlight to extend battery life allowing for a battery life performance of up to 21 days in Smartwatch mode. A great multisport option.

Garmin Tactix Delta Garmin Tactix Delta- 1.4”, scratch resitant, sapphire crystal display to withstand the toughest environments. This wrist-worn powerhouse offers tactical features, music apps, heart rate more.

Garmin Descent MK1Garmin Descent MK1- A full featured dive watch in a sleek design. 1.2” color Display, Topo Mapping, Elevate Wrist Based Heart Rate, GPS/GLONASS Receivers, Dive Log and more.