How Your Yacht Can Benefit From Marine Radar

Marine radar and GPS systems are absolutely essential if you own a yacht that you can take on the open water. You probably planned to leave your yacht in the marina for most of the year, but this fact does not excuse you from installing radar and GPS systems on the boat. The investment that you make in marine radar and GPS will be paid back to you in many ways. The items in the list below should be more than enough reason to purchase that new marine radar and GPS system today.


Your boat must be a safe place for the family. You cannot guarantee that an excursion is going to go well just because you did not go far off shore. You want to have radar working so that the Coast Guard can find you if you radio for help. Also, the Coast Guard can track your position if your radio is no longer working. The radar and GPS system puts out constant signal that can be tracked by rescue teams if you are adrift at sea.


Your boat cannot be retrieved without a radar and GPS system. If you are the unfortunate victim of boat theft, you can track down your boat with the help of the GPS system. The police can track the signal coming from your GPS system to learn the location of the boat. This one addition to your boat is often the difference between recovering your boat and not.

Also, the GPS can be used to put out a distress signal. Just one press of a button on the console is enough to send a distress signal that the Coast Guard or Navy will pick up on. You may not know how to save your boat or get out of rough waters, but you can call for help if you have this system installed.


Your radar and GPS system shows you a full map of the area you are currently sailing. You can plan ahead to make port in a certain place, and the system is going to give you a plot of your voyage, an estimated time of arrival and directions to reach the port. You can see exactly how long it will take to make it to your final destination, and this helps you to know when to stop sailing for the night so that you do not get lost or fatigued. The system can take you right to the dock outside your favorite restaurant in your destination city if you like.


There are many floating objects in the water that you cannot see without your radar system. The radar system on your yacht will alert you to other items in the water that you are not aware of. This system can prevent you from running over a reef or sandbar. Also, this system can help you avoid large schools of marine wildlife.

If your boat has drifting into a shipping lane, it will alert of an impending vessel before it is too late. You cannot maneuver your boat well enough to avoid something like an oil tanker, and you need the information from the radar to move your boat before you are in danger.


The radar and GPS system is so simple that you can teach your children how to pilot the boat. Your kids need to know what to do if you are disabled or incapacitated. Also, you want to train your kids on how to drive the boat so they can handle that job in the future.

When you are investing in the radar and GPS system for your yacht, remember all the items above. You cannot be safe or secure on the water without this system. Also, you cannot teach your kids how to become expert sailors if they do not know how to use these advanced systems. The fate of your next sailing excursion is in the hands of this technology.