Should I Choose A Garmin Radio For My Boat?

The radio on your boat is sometimes your only link to people who can help you, and you must have a radio that you know will work when you really need it. The combinations of radios are interesting, and you must choose the radio that fills all your needs on the boat. Each boat has a different electronic setup, and you must keep this setup in mind when you are making a radio purchase.

If you have a GPS system on your boat, you likely do not need a radio that has a GPS feature. You can purchase a small radio that will allow you to communicate with other boats and the Coast Guard without taking up too much space.

However, you must consider what might happen if you found yourself without access to your main GPS system. A radio that is combined with a GPS system can be used if you lose access to the main GPS and radar that is already installed on your boat. Many people will purchase the radio that has GPS attached just to be on the safe side.

What Is The Range Of The Radio?

There are some marine radios that have relatively short range. You can use these radios if your boat is only taken on the lake or very close to the coast. These radios are much cheaper than more powerful radios, but you do not need a powerful radio if you are not going to be far from shore.

If you ever plan on traveling up the coast of going far offshore, you need to consider purchasing a more powerful radio. The expense is well worth it when you realize that a lesser radio may not reach anyone if you find yourself far out at sea.

How Does The Radio Work?

A traditional radio comes with a dial that you can adjust to find the right frequency and a simple handset. These radios work best when you are on a small boat and you can hear the radio from anywhere on the boat. If you have a large boat, you may consider getting a radio that comes with a remote handset. This handset will allow you to walk away from the radio while still carrying the handset.

The digital console on many radios may also make it easier for you to find the right frequency. You can change the frequency on the radio to the right setting to automatically get in contact with someone. However, you must consider that there are times when an analog knob would make it easier to search for a signal of random boats on the water. There are times when people in other boats are closer to you than the Coast Guard, and you want to have access to every signal that is possible.

Radios With GPS and Radar

If you do not have a GPS or radar on your boat, you can purchase combination radios which house all three items. You can get them in small packages that do not include a bulky console, and you do not have to worry about purchasing more than one electronic device for the boat.

These radios tend to be much cheaper than larger consoles, and they come in many configurations. You can find a radio that fits your budget without sacrificing any of the functions you truly need on your next journey.

Purchasing a Garmin radio for your boat is a decision that weighs the functions already possessed by the boat. You can get a standalone radio if you already have GPS and radar installed. You can get a radio that comes with GPS and radar, and the radios come in a variety of prices that will help you meet your budget. You should never leave the dock without some kind of radio on your boat.