ACR 2842 Global Fix Pro Cat I EPIRB

ACR 2842 Global Fix Pro Cat I EPIRB

Head offshore with confidence when you have an ACR 2842 Global Fix Pro EPIRB. The internal GPS and 6.3w 406mHz Transmitter will ensure that search and rescue(SAR) knows your exact location and the internal LED strobe light will let you be seen.
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Powerful EPIRB with LED safety strobe and internal GPS.

EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.

The ACR 2842 Category I GlobalFix PRO 406 GPS Epirb is a must have safety device for anyone boating, cruising or fishing in a large lake or off the coast. The primary job for an EPIRB is to send a distress signal to the SARSAT (Search And Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking) satellite system. The ACR 2842 Global Fix Pro 406 is a category I automatic release EPIRB. An automatic release EPIRB is perfect for mounting in an open, out-of-the-way place like the top of a hard top. Automatic, or category I EPIRBs, are designed to be activated when the unit is submerged in water. You can also manually activate the 2842 by flipping the main switch while it is inside or outside of the HydroFix housing or being submerged in water when removed from the housing.


The bonus with the Pro 406 is the built in GPS sensor. When the EPRIB is activated and the distress signal sent, your LAT/LON position will transmit with the distress call creating a much smaller search area down to .05NM radius as compared to 2.3NM radius with a conventional EPIRB. The GPS encoded signal will also be picked up by higher level satellites within 15 minutes of sending. Similar units without GPS can take up to one hour, which can be a lifetime of waiting.

Strobe Light and Transmit Time

The built-in bright LED strobe light consumes less energy than a traditional strobe without sacrificing intensity and most importantly, the Pro 406 EPIRB will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours at -20C degrees.

Please note all EPIRB's and PLB's are programmed for registration in the USA. If you are registering the device outside of the USA reprogramming will be required. Also, we apologize but we cannot accept orders for EPIRBS's or PLB's from Australia or New Zealand.

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ACR 2842 Globalfix Pro EPIRB Details
Each ACR 2842 Globalfix Pro EPIRB comes with: ACR EPIRB, HydroFix HRU Mounting Bracket, Manual and a FIVE-Year Warranty.
Unit Size: 15.34”H x 4.2”W x 3.58”D
Weight: 1.32 lbs
ACR 2842 Globalfix Pro EPIRB Special Features
  • 6.3w 406mHz Transmitter
  • Built-In Internal GPS Sensor
  • EPIRB self-check tests circuitry, battery voltage and GPS acquisition.
  • Minimum 48 hours operating life @ -20C degrees.
  • Category I EPIRB that includes HydroFix Housing.


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