Garmin HRM-Pro Plus Premium Heart Rate Monitor

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Garmin HRM-Pro Plus Premium Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin HRM-Pro Plus premium chest strap heart rate monitor captures running dynamics, pace, distance information and more! This advanced heart rate monitor can send data to Garmin devices, compatible fitness equipment, the Tacx training app and other apps!
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Advanced Chest Strap Monitor Provides More Than Just Heart Rate Data!

The Garmin HRM-Pro Plus heart rate strap measures more than just heart rate! The HRM Pro Plus measures running dynamics, captures steps, calories burned, intensity minutes and more. This information can be transmitted in real-time to compatible devices, equipment and apps. Connect to your Garmin smartwatch to get pace, distance data and more for indoor runs!

ANT+ technology and Bluetooth technology allow the transmission of accurate, real-time information. Out of range of your device? No problem, the HRM Pro Plus stores data during activities and then sends it to your compatible Garmin smartwatch when you get back in range! The internal battery can provide up to 1 year of battery life. When it's time to change the battery, the tool-free door makes changing it easy. The HRM Pro Plus accepts an easy to find, affordable CR2032 battery!

Compatible with the Garmin devices listed below

  • Approach S70 Series
  • D2 Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Delta PX, Delta S
  • D2 Mach 1, D2 Mach 1 Pro
  • Descent G1, G1 Solar, Mk1, Mk2, Mk2S
  • Edge 1000, 1030, 1030 Plus, 130, 130 Plus, 25, 520, 520 Plus, 530, 810, 820, 830, Explore, Explore 1000, Explore 820, Touring Plus
  • Enduro, Enduro 2
  • epix (Gen 2)
  • eTrex 30x, 32x, Touch 35
  • fenix 3, 3HR, 3 Sapphire, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series
  • Forerunner 245, 245 Music, 55, 620, 645, 645 Music, 735XT, 745, 920XT, 935, 945, 945 LTE, 601, 701, 165, 165 Music
  • Foretrex 801, 901
  • Swim 2
  • GPSMAP 64 Series, 65 Series
  • MARQ Series
  • Montana 600 Series
  • Oregon 700 Series
  • Quatix 3, 5, 6, 7
  • Rino 750, 755t
  • Tactix Series
  • Venu 3 Series
  • Garmin HRM-Pro Plus Premium Heart Rate Monitor Box Contents

    Each Garmin HRM-Pro Plus Premium Heart Rate Monitor Comes with:
    • HRM-Pro Plus
    • Documentation
    • 1-Year Warranty

    Garmin HRM-Pro Plus Premium Heart Rate Monitor Key Features

    • Transmits real-time heart rate and heart rate variability
    • Captures running dynamics
    • Computes pace and distance for treadmill or indoor workouts
    • Stores heart rate data during activities out of range of your device and then automatically sends the data when back in range
    • Battery life of up to 1-year