Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooter Trainer

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Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooter Trainer

Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooter Trainer, Improve your accuracy with the State of the Art Trainer. Get instant feedback and keep score when training with Clay Pigeons. The 5" color touch screen display lets you review your data quickly.
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The Garmin Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer is the first in its class to offer a live-fire mobile trainer that captures every shot taken, provides immediate feedback and keeps score directly on a 5” sunlight viewable, touchscreen display. A rugged, water resistant polycarbonate build, makes the S1 the perfect shooting companion no matter what weather mother nature throws your way. The included tripod and the ability to mount to any standard tripod makes it easier than ever to get the Xero S1 mounted quickly virtually anywhere!

Built for hunters of all skill levels the Xero S1 supports American Trap Singles and handicap as well as an Upland Mode which allows both trapshooters and upland hunters from all aspects to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses of their shots taken. Up to 10 profiles built into the S1 allow each shooter to analyze shot position relative to clay, reaction times, and clay distances for hits and misses to help you improve your accuracy along the way.

Get the most out of every shot with immediate feedback and keep score of every hit and miss and sync your stats to the Xero S app on a compatible smartphone to store and review detailed history of your shots, performance metrics, scores, and shooting tendencies based on dates or locations. Upland hunters can utilize the Xero S1 in their off season to sharpen their shooting skills and optimize their shotguns performance to help reduce wound loss and overall shot placement.

Your S1 Trapshooter provides accurate and immediate feedback for every shot taken including shot location relative to clay, how far away the clay was at trigger pull, shot velocity and reaction time. Multiple operation modes allow your S1 to be used for silent data collection in sanctioned shooting events or trap league competitions to get real-time feedback as you practice. Compete against other shooters in a clay challenge or learn how to optimize your shotgun-choke-shot combination skills.

Garmin Garmin Xero S1 Box Contents
Each Garmin Xero S1 Comes with:
  • Garmin Xero S1 trapshooting trainer
  • Protective Front Cover
  • Small Tripod Mount
  • Anti-Glare Film
  • AC Adapter
  • microUSB 2A Charging Cable
  • Documentation
  • 1-Year Warranty
Garmin Xero S1 Key Features
  • Up to 8 Rounds of Battery Life per Charge
  • First Live Fire mobile Trapshooting Trainer
  • Pairs with Xero S app for easy viewing of data
  • Size: 7.8"W x 3.6"H x 6.2"D
Garmin Xero S1 Manual - Click Here