Raymarine i50/i60 Wind, Speed and Depth System Package

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Raymarine i50/i60 Wind, Speed and Depth System Package

The Raymarine i50/i60 Wind, Speed and Depth System Package is a complete system built with sail boaters in mind providing spot on accuracy of wind speed and water conditions right at your fingertips.
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Monitor and Utilize the Benefits of Mother Nature

If you're looking for accurate wind and water information, the Raymarine i50/i60 System Package is as far as you need to venture! The i50 and i60 Instruments from Raymarine offer boaters an excellent combination of great looks, high performance and extreme value. Raymarine has outdone the competition once again with the superior quality of this system and it’s obvious from the moment you first set your eyes on it.

Designed specifically for sailboaters, these stylish dedicated-function instruments cover wind and close-hauled wind options as well as water temp, depth and speed in both analogue and digital formats. The i50 displays your depth and speed information coming from your transducer allowing you to monitor current water conditions while the i60 is engineered as a propriety display for your wind sensor data, and the great thing is, you don’t need an iTC-5 Converter because the i60 has one built in. This not only saves you money, but installation space as well.

The i50/i60 instruments are specifically built to compliment Call for Help with Marine Electronics and complete the e and c series MFD setups. For the ultimate in flexibility, these Instruments support SeaTalk NG and NMEA2000 CANBUS networking, as well as our original SeaTalk 1 networking which makes upgrading older instruments a breeze. Connect your analog speed, depth and wind transducers directly to the respective instrument display, or use the displays as repeaters for NMEA 2000 smart transducer data or SeaTalk NG; the choice is yours.

i50 and i60 Instruments are designed to operate from 12V DC power, and are ultra-efficient drawing less than 1 watt as repeaters, or 2.4 watts while hosting a transducer. This is yet another reason why this setup is perfect for sailboaters who MUST have the least amount of energy draw possible. All of the i50 and i60 Instruments are waterproof to IPX6 standards. Not to mention the advanced front-mount design makes them easier than ever to install.

No more guessing about the direction of the wind or its speed again when you have the unsurpassed technology of the Raymarine i50/i60 Depth, Speed and Wind System Package in your corner. This accurate and reliable system is sure to be at the top of the wish list among all sailboaters for many years to come.

Raymarine Wind, Speed and Depth System Details
Each System comes with: i50 Depth system which includes a P19 transducer - M78713-PZ-A, and comes with 45 feet of cable, The i50 Speed system which comes with the ST800-P120 - E26031, and comes with 45' of cable, i60 Wind system comes with the short arm masthead with 30M, documentation and a Two-Year Warranty.