Furuno FCV-588 Fishfinder with RezBoost Technology
  • Furuno FCV-588 Fishfinder with RezBoost Technology
  • Furuno FCV-588 Fishfinder with RezBoost Technology

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Furuno FCV-588 Fishfinder with RezBoost Technology

Furuno’s FCV588 with RezBoost Technology offers a bright, 8.4” color display that will clearly display fish and bottom composition. A 600/1kW Sonar, Rezboost improves resolution and enhances target separation when paired with a narrowband transducer.
Transducer Required, Sold Separately
FU588   MAN#: FCV-588   ID#: 4734
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Outstanding Clarity and Exceptional Target Separation Viewed on an 8.4” Display!

Has Echo Sounder

Furuno offers both fresh and saltwater anglers the perfect stand-alone fishfinder with a large, bright screen that’s intuitive to operate. With more than 60 years of industry leading sonar technology, Furuno is proven to stand the test of time. Compact, durable and housed in a waterproof case with a perfect sun-light viewable VGA polarized screen, the Furuno FCV-588 is a must have and is sure to be on many boaters wish lists for years to come.

RezBoost Sonar Technology

Furuno’s RezBoost Sonar Technology offers unparalleled clarity and target separation that the most well know of competitors can’t compete with. RezBoost is a revolutionary new signal processing technology that Furuno invented which achieves CHIRP-like performance from your traditional 600w or 1kW Transducers. The FCV588 offers up to 8 times the target separation than its predecessor the FCV587.

Digital Filtering

The 588 utilizes Furuno’s FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) technology to identify the transducers wattage capacity and adjust its output power to match. The digital filter helps Call for Help with Marine Electronics adjust much more than just gain, STC and output power; it also helps reduce an inaccurate depth presentation when a large bait pod is right below the transducer obstructing the pulse. This new technology improves performance in both shallow and deeper water applications and can be adjusted either automatically or manually.

Bottom Discrimination and More

The Bottom Discrimination function (proper transducer required) that provides instant recognition of the actual bottom composition such as sand, mud, grave and rocks. Knowing what type of bottom you’re fishing over is very important for fisherman targeting certain species of fish that have bottom preferences much like a grouper favor rock bottom or a flounder prefers a sand bottom certain times of the year in deeper water. Furuno FCV-588 also contains Furuno’s unique Accu-Fish ID feature which helps to identify individual fish and identifies the actual size of that fish. View programmable navigation data displays with analog and/or digital navigation data, when networked via NMEA-0183 to other compatible devices.

Post Processing Gain Control

Post Processing Gain Control allows you to adjust the gain not only on the returns from that point forward, but also for the existing returns that are still on the display. This is a quick and easy way to assist in determining what settings are best for the current water conditions. Every boater knows that your fishfinder functions a little differently according to the water’s clarity and that will vary based on recent storms, local currents and the composition of the sea floor. The Furuno FCV 588 Color Sounder is exactly what Furuno has been striving for; A brilliant LCD display, 1KW of output power, advanced features and an intuitive user interface jammed into a unit that is built with commercial grade precision while keeping the recreational boaters wallet in mind



Furuno’s FCV588 Details
Each Furuno’s FCV588 comes with: Furuno’s FCV588, Snap On Cover, Mounting Bracket, Mounting Lock Knob, Cable Assembly 2M Power/Data Cable, Fuse 2A, LCD Cleaning Cloth, Cable Cap, Flush Mounting Sponge, Nuts/Washers/Screws/, Operators Manual, Flush Mounting Template and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 9" W x 9.5" H x 3" D
Weight: 2 lbs
Furuno’s FCV588 Special Features
  • 8.4” Dedicated Fishfinder
  • Bottom Discrimination feature distinguishes bottom composition and displays either rock, sand, gravel or mud.
  • Accu-Fish - Unique Fish Analyzer determines length of fish in inches or Cm.
  • RezBoost Technology enhances clarity and Target Separation
  • 600 Watt or 1kW Fishfinder


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Product Accessories for Furuno FCV-588 Fishfinder with RezBoost Technology

Furuno Transom Mount Transducer with Speed and Temp
The Furuno Transom Mount Dual Frequency Transducer provides accurate depth, speed and temp readings for Furuno fishfinders and sounder modules. 600 Watts and 50/200khz frequencies.(Depth/Speed/Temp).
Your Price:$104.95
Furuno Power Cable for 620/585/588 and NMEA 0183 for GP33
This Furuno cable is dual purpose it is the Power Cable for an FCV 620/585 and also the NMEA 0183 for GP33. Cable will not provide power to a GP-33.
Your Price:$66.95
Furuno B60 12 Low Profile Bronze Thru-hull Transducer with Temp
Furuno 525T-LTD12, B60 12 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 12 degree tilted element and temp is designed to work on boats with deadrise between 8-16 degrees. Does not need Fairing Block.
Your Price:$199.95
Furuno B60 20 Low Profile Bronze Thru-hull Transducer with Temp
Furuno 525TLTD20, B60-20 Low Profile Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer with 20 degree tilted element and temp. Designed to works on boats with deadrise between 16-24 degrees. Does not need Fairing Block.
Your Price:$189.95
Furuno 526TID-HDD Bronze 1kW Thru-Hull Transducer with Fairing Block
Furuno 526TID-HDD 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer with High Speed Fairing Block is a must have for any serious recreational or commercial fisherman. Broadband Technology provides excellent fishfinding and detection. 10-Pin connector for Furuno.
Your Price:$919.95
Furuno MB1100 Matching Box with 10pin Connector
The Furuno MB1100 Transducer Matching Box with 10pin Connector is used to connect specific transducer with no connector to Furuno 10 pin connector Fishfinders.
Your Price:$299.95
Furuno 520-5PSD Plastic Thru Hull Transducer
The Furuno Plastic Thru Hull Dual Frequency Transducer provides accurate depth readings for Furuno fishfinders and sounder modules. 50/200khz. Requires In Hull Mount or fabrication of a fairing block.
(Depth Only).
Your Price:$139.95
Furuno Bronze ThruHull Triducer 50/200kHz
Furuno Bronze Thru-Hull dual frequency 50/200kHz triducer(speed, depth, and temp). Fairing Block Included.
Your Price:$279.95
Furuno CA50/200-12M 1kw Bronze ThruHull Transducer
The Furuno CA50/200-12M 1kw Bronze ThruHull Transducer is a 1kw transducer that operates at 50/200 khz with a beam width of 28 degrees at 50khz and 8.5 degrees at 200khz. Does not include Fairing Block. Depth and Temp only.
Your Price:$749.95
Furuno Display Cover for FCV 585/588 and 1815
Furuno Display Cover for FCV 585 Fishfinder
Your Price:$24.95