Furuno HUB101 Ethernet Hub

Furuno's HUB101 is designed for the NavNet 3D and TZTouch/TZTouch2 system and allows for information to flow seamlessly from one unit to another. The HUB101 is required if you are going to have more than two Ethernet Devices on the NavNet 3D or more than 1 Ethernet Device on the TZTouch or TZTouch2 Ethernet System.

Furuno HUB101 Ethernet Hub

The Furuno HUB101 is the center of your NavNet 3D system or TZTouch/TZTouch2 Systems connecting all of your displays and components together and allowing for the distribution of information across the network.
FUHUB101   MAN#: HUB101   ID#: 1848
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