Furuno Navnet TZtouch 9 Touch Screen Multifunction Display
  • Furuno Navnet TZtouch 9 Touch Screen Multifunction Display
  • Furuno Navnet TZtouch 9 Touch Screen Multifunction Display
  • Furuno Navnet TZtouch 9 Touch Screen Multifunction Display

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Furuno Navnet TZtouch 9 Touch Screen Multifunction Display

The Furuno Navnet TZ touch 9 delivers full network capability in an edge to edge glass 9 inch touchscreen display. TimeZero Technology, Pre-loaded maps and Pinch to Zoom capabilities make this unit a must have for any fisherman or cruiser.
FUTZT9   MAN#: TZT9   ID#: 3094
(Rating 84)
Our Price: $3,795.00
Availability: Usually Ships in 2-3 Days
Condition: Brand New

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The Furuno NavNet TZ Touch Multifunction display incorporates simple menu operation with a multi touch screen. With TimeZero speed and compatibility to radar, fishfinder, weather and more, the Furuno TZ touch is a single station or network power house.
FUTZT14    MAN#: TZT14    ID#: 3087
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Simple, Fast Chartplotter Operation and Ability to Add Sonar, Radar and More.

 Boating GPS 3-D Views Sunlight ViewableAccepts SD CardTouch Screen GPSWaterproof GPS Furuno NavNet

Furuno’s TZT9 is a 9” WVGA glass edge to edge multi-function display offering the ease of touch screen operation and network operation. The TZ Touch 9 inch comes with an anti-reflective glass coating that makes the screen visible under any lighting conditions and even works with polarized sunglasses. TZTouch is a Navnet that includes the ability to choose from official NOAA raster and vector charts, or optional “C-Map by Jeppesen” and “Datacore by Navionics” vector cartography. The TZT9 also has the ability to interface with Apple iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch this interface allows you to wirelessly view and control the TZ Touch, the included WIFI connectivity gives you the ability to download useful updates, such as real time weather, from the internet. Simply add the Furuno GP330B GPS Antenna and your TZTouch is ready to operate.

Need Sonar?
Simply add the Furuno DFF1 Sounder Module for 600w or 1KW of fishfinding power. For the more serious fisherman you may want to go with the DFF3 which has capabilities for 1KW to 3KW of output power for reaching deeper depths. The TZ Touch units are also ready to interface with the DFF1-UHD TrueEcho Chirp Sounder right out of the box.
For help picking the correct transducer for your application, please call us at 1-800-477-2611.
Call for Help with Marine Electronics Radar and AIS

Increase your situational awareness with Furuno Radar and AIS. Both systems can be overlaid onto the chartplotter to give you a much better view of what is around your boat as well as show you if you are on a collision course with another vessel. AIS is connected via NMEA 2000 and sends information about other AIS equipped vessels in your area. Information like vessel name, call sign, position, course, speed over ground, and other useful information. Furuno Digital Radar is offered in either a radar dome or open array. Open array radars are recommended for long range vessels as well as fisherman looking for birds offshore. Radar domes are the perfect answer for anyone looking for more close range information like boats, buoys and land. The PSU012 is required when adding any radar to the Furuno NavNet TZ Touch.

Flir Thermal Imaging

FLIR’s popular M‐Series line of thermal night vision cameras can not be controlled for a Furuno TZTouch 9 or TZTouch 12, easily access and controll functions right from the touch screen on the MFD. Change camera settings, optimize the video, and even pan and tilt the camera directly from your favorite TZTouch MFD. By incorporating “Pinch to Zoom” and “Tap to Point” technology, Furuno’s NavnetTZTouch software adds even more functionality to the camera.

Screen and Operation

Built on an Ethernet network the TZT9 NAVNET allows you to add as many components as needed and up to 6 displays. The Touch Screen is intuitive and offers the “Pinch to Zoom” gesture that allows the user to zoom in or out by simply spreading or closing two fingers. To make operation even easier when your boat is moving Furuno includes their patented RotoKey which allows you to make adjustments to such items as range and gain using the rotary knob. With one turn of the RotoKey you are given full control or the Navnet TZTouch. The TimeZero technology, which is also included in the TZ touch, delivers lightning fast screen redraws that provide a smooth, fast, and seamless picture to navigate by.


The Furuno TZ Touch 9 can be interfaced many different ways. It has networking abilities through NMEA 2K, Furuno CAN Bus, USB, and LAN (RJ45)/Ethernet. 2 video inputs allow you to keep an eye on your crew or engine room with any NTSC or PAL camera. The TZ also has 1 video output port so that you can turn your salon tv into a 2nd viewing display. If that was not enough the Furuno TZ Touch is also compatible with the FLIR M-Series Thermal Cameras. Not only can you view that info on the screen but you can also control it from the TZ Touch Display. Also, if you have a Fusion Link Compatible Stereo on your boat connected to NMEA 2000, the Furuno TZT can control the stereo using Fusion Link which allows you to control volume, audion source and more.

***Furuno GP330B GPS Receiver and NMEA2000 Network required for GPS Position

Furuno TZtouch 9 Details
Each TZT9 comes with: TZtouch unit, spare parts kit, document case, LCD cleaning cloth, power cable, LAN cable, Installation materials, flush mount template and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 6.4” H x 11.5” W x 5.7” D
Weight: 9.9 lbs
Furuno NavNet TZtouch 9 Special Features
  • Large 9" WVGA (800x480 pixels) display with edge-to-edge glass screen with anti-reflective glass coating is visible under any lighting condition.
  • Touch Screen with Multi Touch functions like pinch to zoom.
  • Custom Apps allow you to wirelessly view and control TZtouch from any iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.
  • WiFi Connectivity for downloading useful updates such as real time weather via the internet.
  • Polarized sunglass friendly display. No more blackout at the wrong angle.
Furuno NavNet TZtouch 9 Specifications
# Of Waypoints # Of Routes Track log Receiver Type Display Size Plotter Type
30,000 with name 1,000 30,000 points External GPS
Not Included
9 ″ Chartplotter
Supports Lat/Lon, Loran TD's



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Product Accessories for Furuno Navnet TZtouch 9 Touch Screen Multifunction Display

Furuno GP330B NMEA2000 NavNet GPS Receiver
Furuno GP330B NMEA2000 GPS Receiver is designed for pinpoint accuracy with your Furuno NavNet 3D or TZtouch Display. NMEA 2000 Network Required when installing without DRS Radar.
Your Price:$339.95
Furuno BBWX3 Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver
The Furuno BBWX3 Satellite Radio/ Weather Receiver provides up-to-the-minute weather and audio information for your Furuno NavNet 3D and TZ Touch. Sirius Antenna and Subscription Required.
Order Now through December 31st, 2018 from The GPS Store and Get a $100 Mail-In Rebate and Your First 2 Months Free from SiriusXM!
Your Price:$599.95
Furuno DRS4D NavNet 3D 24", 4kw Digital Radome
The Furuno DRS4D 4kw Digital Radome can be added to any NavNet 3D System to gain a high powered 36 Nautical Mile Radar. Compatible with Furuno TZtouch and Furuno NavNet 3D.
Your Price:$1,845.00
Furuno FA50 Class B AIS Transponder
The Furuno FA50 Class B AIS Transponder is a great add on for any vessel traveling long distances or working in crowded shipping lanes. Receive and transmit important information like ship’s position, course, speed and call sign.
Your Price:$995.00
Furuno DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP Fishfinder
The Furuno DFF1-UHD TruEcho Chirp Fishfinder provides a whole new level of fish finding technology to your NavNet 3D or TZtouch MFD. Bottom Discrimination, Accu-Fish and unparalleled target clarity make the DFF1-UHD a must have for any serious offshore angler.
Order Now Through February 2nd, 2019 and get a $100 Mail-in Rebate from Furuno!
Your Price:$1,495.00
Furuno PSU017 Power Supply Unit for Radar Units
Furuno PSU017 Power Supply Unit for Radar Units.
Your Price:$299.95
Furuno MCU002 Waterproof Remote for NavNet TZtouch
Furuno’s MCU002 Remote offers nearly complete control of your TZ Touch 9, 14, TZtouch2 12, 15 or Black Box. A Simple joystick with 10 dedicated hardware keys and push function allows your TZ to expand from Multi Touch to a keyed operation!
Your Price:$154.95
Furuno BBDS1 Network Fishfinder Module
The Furuno BBDS1 Network Fishfinder with Bottom Discrimination revolutionizes what we're seeing below the boat by identifying bottom composition and distinguishing between bait and fish when connected to a compatible NavNet 3D or TZ Touch.
Your Price:$595.00
Furuno DFF3 Digital Network Sounder Module
The Furuno DFF3 Network Sounder Module provides 1kw, 2kw or 3kw of power into a black box that can be easily added into your Furuno network. Adjustable frequencies from 28khz to 200khz so you can fine tune to the depth and fish you are targeting.
Your Price:$1,995.00
Furuno 10m Lan Cable with RJ45 Connections
This Furuno Cable will allow you to connect two network units together or connect to a network hub.
Your Price:$104.95
Furuno 2M Lan Cable with RJ45 Connections
This Furuno Cable will allow you to connect two network units together or connect to a network hub. 2M total length with RJ45 connectors on both ends.
Your Price:$49.95
Furuno HUB101 Ethernet Hub
The Furuno HUB101 is the center of your NavNet 3D system or TZTouch/TZTouch2 Systems connecting all of your displays and components together and allowing for the distribution of information across the network.
Your Price:$529.95
Furuno PSU012 Power Supply Unit for Radar Units
Furuno PSU012 Power Supply Unit for Radar Units.
Your Price:$519.95
Furuno PG500R Heading Sensor
Furuno PG500R Heading Sensor.
Your Price:$739.95
Furuno 10 Pin Transducer Extension Cable
Furuno 10 Pin Transducer Extension Cable
Your Price:$79.95
Furuno MCU004 Waterproof Remote for NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2
Furuno's MCU004 Remote provides Keyed Operation of the TZtouch and TZtouch2 Units. (TZT9, TZT14, TZTBB, TZTL12F and TZTL15F) 10 Hardware Keys consisting of Large rotary knob with Joystick and 8 hard buttons provide near complete control of your TZtouch setup.
Your Price:$299.95
Furuno DRS6AX X-Class 6KW UHD Radar Gearbox
The Furuno DRS6AX UHD Radar with ultra-clear short and long-range target separation Compatible with TZ Touch and TZ Touch2 Models.
Open Array Antenna Not Included and Sold Separately. Please Choose Between 3.5', 4’ or 6’ Option.
Your Price:$3,695.00
Furuno DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar Black Box
The Furuno DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar Black Box paired with a Furuno 3D transducer provides a new level of 3D underwater viewing and side-scanning capabilities. Clear photo like images of the bottom and 4 real-time viewing modes. Compatible with Furuno TZtouch and TZtouch2.
*Transducer required and sold separately.
Order Now Through February 2nd, 2019 and get a $200 Mail-in Rebate from Furuno!
Your Price:$1,695.00
Furuno DRS12AX 12KW Radar Pedestal
The Furuno DRS12AX provides the best in Furuno Radar Technology. Lighter and quieter than previous models with enhanced Bird Mode and both long and short-range target detection. New updates to this radar include no PSU required, lighter weight and lower noise.
Open Array Antenna Not Included and Sold Separately. Please Choose Between 4’ or 6’ Option.
Your Price:$4,195.00
Furuno DRS25AX 25kW Radar Pedestal
The newly redesigned Furuno DRS25AX 25kW Radar Pedestal has advanced features including Furuno’s Fast Target Tracking function which allows Target course and speed to display with the touch of a button. Bird Mode, lightweight and simple installation are just a few of the key features in this Radar.
Open Array Antenna Not Included and Sold Separately. Please Choose Between 4’ or 6’ Option.
Your Price:$5,195.00