Fusion Signature 7.7" White LED Speakers

Fusion Signature 7.7" White LED Speakers

Providing High Quality Sound and Performance, the 7.7" Signature Series Speakers from Fusion are fully sealed and protected from the marine environment and offer Sports-Style White Grill with Dual-Colored Diffused LED Lighting which can be turned on or left off depending on your preference. *Set of 2 Speakers
FS0142810   MAN#: SG-FL77SPW   ID#: 4363
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Condition: Brand New

Fusion's 7.7" Signature Series of Speakers are designed specifically for the open waters. Providing 280W of peak power, the Signature Series Fully-Sealed Crossover components combined with "CURV"cone composite technology ensure that these speakers are protected from the harsh marine enviroment without compromising on sound quality. White in Color the SG-FL77SPW Speakers come with Dual-Color (Striking Blue or Sparkling White) Diffused LED Lighting options that can add accent lighting to your boat.

 *If you prefer not to have the LED lights illuminated don't worry you can simply leave those wires disconnected without affecting speaker performance.


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