Garmin BC 35 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC 35 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin's BC 35 Wireless Backup Camera pairs with Garmin Fleet, dezlCam 785, dezl 780, dezl OTR 800, dezl OTR1000, RV 890 and Overlander units to provide a 160° wide angle view of what's behind you when backing up.
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See What's behind you when backing up!

The Garmin BC 35 Wireless Backup Camera takes the worry of what’s behind you away while seamlessly integrating with Garmin Fleet, Garmin DezlCam 785, Garmin Dezl 780 and Overlander units. To add to the ease of installation the BC35 can be wired to your reverse lights so it automatically appears on your Garmin device when the vehicle is put into reverse, and then goes back to your navigation screen when put back into gear. You also have the option to wire this camera to the vehicle so you can toggle between navigation modes and the camera any time you wish.

Built for use with bigger trucks, the BC35 has a wireless transmitting range of up to 45ft., however, will vary based on installation placement of the camera. Angled views up to 160 degrees wide, show what’s behind you such as pedestrians or obstructions keeping your field of view open to potential hazards. Multiple camera support allows up to 4 cameras to be used at one time making it easier than ever to place cameras in different locations so your field of view grows. The BC35 was built with a rugged design to withstand harsh elements that Mother Nature throws your way as well so the external mounting of this device will not harm it! The Garmin BC35 Wireless Backup Camera is a great addition to your compatible Garmin device!

Garmin BC 35 Backup Camera Box Contents
Each Garmin BC 35 Backup Camera Comes with:
  • Garmin BC 35 Backup Camera with mounting bracket
  • Wireless transmitter and power cable (31.5")
  • Traffic receiver/vehicle power cable (59.1")
  • Hardware
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty
Garmin BC 35 Backup Camera Key Features
  • Pairs with Garmin Fleet, dezl 780 and dezlCam 785 units
  • 160° Viewing angle
  • IPX7 Water Rating
  • Use up to 4 cameras at once
  • Built-In WiFi transmits live camera view to GPS
Garmin BC 35 Backup Camera Manual - Click Here