Garmin GTM-36 Traffic Receiver

Garmin GTM-36 Traffic Receiver

Garmin GTM-36 Portable Traffic Receiver.
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Garmin GTM 36 Portable Traffic Receiver Module

Model - GA0100902

The Garmin GTM 36 provides real-time traffic information to compatible Garmin GPS automotive navigation products.

The GTM 36 traffic receiver does not require any permanent installation in the vehicle. This makes the GTM 36 a portable receiver that can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. The GTM 36 will connect to your compatible Garmin unit replacing the existing 12 volt adapter. Using this data, compatible Garmin products can alert the user to local traffic tie-ups and display graphical map symbols for improved driver situational awareness. The GTM 36 is currently compatible with the Dezl Series, Zumo XT, Nuvi 1450T, Nuvi 22/23/24/25/2700 Series, Nuvi 34/35/3700 Series and RV760LMT. Traffic information is available in the following cities:

Garmin gives you a lifetime of Traffic service free of charge when you purchase a GTM-36.