Garmin LakeVu G3 Ultra East

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Garmin LakeVu G3 Ultra East

The Garmin LakeVu Ultra East card covers Inland Lakes within the United States in high definition with up to 1 foot contours and 167 Garmin Elite survey lakes. Both East and West LakeVu g3 Ultra Charts include Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Includes coverage for the Great Lakes.
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Garmin LakeVu G3 Ultra with Navionics Data

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Get a new perspective on navigation with Garmin LakeVu g3 Ultra East Inland Lake cartography. Integrated Garmin and Navionics content provide coverage for over 18,000 lakes (including the Great Lakes), over 16,000 with 1-foot contours and 167 Garmin Elite survey lakes. LakeVu g3 Ultra maps provide Surface and side scan sonar photos for 122 lakes- giving users unparalleled Lake detail. The Garmin LakeVu g3 Ultra map card provides the following mapping features in addition to high resolution satellite imagery, navigational aids, spot soundings, tides and currents. Simply plug the SD card into your compatible Garmin MFD and enjoy the benefits of Garmin g3 Mapping.

Auto Guidance Technology- Will search the attributes of all relevant charts to suggest the best course for navigation taking into consideration your desired safe depth and overhead clearance.

Garmin LakeVu G3 Auto Guidance

Depth Range Shading- For up to 10 depths so you can view your designated target depth

Shallow Water Shading- Allows for user defined depths, showing a clear picture of shallow waters to avoid

High Resolution Relief Shading- Combines color and shadow to provide an easy to read view of bottom structure than contour lines alone. View a list of lakes with high-resolution relief shading here.

Garmin LakeVu G3 Relief Shading

Unique 3D Views- MarinerEye and FishEye views provide detailed contours below the water line

Garmin LakeVu G3 Unique 3D Views

Dynamic Lake Levels-Adjust your maps to the lakes current water level to better understand areas that are too shallow or easily accessible at the current moment

Garmin LakeVu G3 Dynamic Lake Levels

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Please note, Garmin LakeVu Charts are not compatible with Garmin units pre-loaded with Garmin Navionics Mapping
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